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Climatically Controlled Water Supply in the Bryce Canyon Region? Groundwater 2024
Where is the Wildlife? Improving Key Aquatic Habitats in the Updated Utah Wildlife Action Plan Wetland Habitats 2024
Mapping News: The Future of Geologic Mapping in Utah, New Tools and Techniques Geologic Mapping 2024
Where Does Utah’s King’s Peak Rank on the List of U.S. State Highpoints? Landforms 2024
Ricks Spring, Cache County Springs 2024
The Utah Geological Survey and the National Park Service Dinosaurs and Fossils 2023
Great Salt Lake’s Gunnison and Club Islands Come into Focus Great Salt Lake 2023
Potential Impacts of the Inflation Reduction Act on Carbon Capture and Storage in Utah CO2 Sequestration 2023
What is a Dropstone? Rocks and Minerals 2023
Fossil Mountain, Millard County, Utah Landforms, Fossils 2023
Mapping Geologic Hazards in and Near Bryce Canyon National Park Hazard Mapping 2023
Digging Up Evidence of Past Earthquakes in Salt Lake Valley Earthquakes 2023
IN-LIEU FEE WETLAND MITIGATION: A Boring Name For an Exciting Idea Wetlands 2023
What do landslides, glaciers, and faults have to do with the lakes on the Wasatch Plateau? Lakes and Hazards 2023
Springhill Geologic Park, Davis County, Utah Landslides 2023
Utah Returns to Being a Net Energy Importer Energy 2023
Geologic Diagnostic: An “MRI” for the Earth Critical Minerals 2023
The Development of Field Spectroscopy for Minerals Exploration: Utah, Fieldwork, and Family Minerals 2023
Hazard News: An Update on Utah’s Very Active Spring 2023 Landslide Season Landslides 2023
Cinder Cones of Southwest Utah: What Exactly Are They and How Did They Get There? Volacanoes 2023
Palisade State Park in Sanpete County, Utah Landforms 2023
Incorporating Small Unmanned Aircraft System (sUAS) Technology in Geologic Hazard Characterization and Emergency Response: Zion National Park Geologic Hazards 2022
The New Utah Aerial Imagery Database: A Statewide Resource of Historical Aerial and Related Imagery Aerial Imagery 2022
Critical Minerals: Reshaping the Minerals Industry Critical Minerals 2022
What Movies Feature Utah Geology? Film and Geology 2022
Microbialites of Bridger Bay, Antelope Island, Great Salt Lake Microbialites 2022
Assessing Geologic Carbon Sequestration Opportunities in Utah CO2 Sequestration 2022
Coal for High Technology Coal 2022
Paleo News: New Discoveries of Morrison Formation Plant Fossils Expand Our Knowledge of Jurassic Ecosystems Plant Fossils 2022
What is Utah’s Largest Meteorite? Meteorites 2022
Big and Little Brush Creek “Ice” Caves, Uintah County, Utah Ice Caves 2022
What are the Oldest Rocks in Utah? Rocks 2022
Trek to Fremont Island (Disappointment Island) Landforms 2022
Putting Down Roots in Utah’s Earthquake Country Second Edition Provides Updated and New Information Earthquakes 2022
New, Novel, and Updated! Wetland Mapping Improves Across Utah Wetland Mapping 2022
The Utah Flux Network Groundwater 2022
Putting Down Roots in Earthquake Country – Your Handbook for Earthquakes in Utah Earthquakes 2022
How Does Plate Tectonics Make for Great Skiing? Tectonics 2021
Raplee Ridge, San Juan County, Utah Landforms 2021
Mining Core at the UCRC: Boosting Utah's Metal Exploration Mining 2021
Utah’s Emerging Northern Paradox Basin Unconventional Oil Play Oil and Gas 2021
The Significance of Great Salt Lake’s North Arm on Lake Salinity Great Salt Lake 2021
The Role of Water Quality and Quantity on Future Development Near Bryce Canyon National Park Groundwater 2021
Groundwater Monitoring Well Installation at Sevenmile Canyon Near Arches National Park Groundwater Monitoring 2021
Massive Core Donations Spurred by Low Oil Prices Core Center 2021
Does the UGS Library House Any Remarkable Rare Books? UGS Library 2021
Cannonball Concretions in a Treeless “Buried Forest,” Carbon County, Utah Landforms 2021
Utah's Great Unconformity Geologic History 2021
STATEMAP Just Got a Lot Bigger Geologic Mapping 2021
Where is Shaw Arch? Arches 2021
The Henry Mountains Landforms 2021
Geothermal in Utah and the USA: Is a Sleeping Energy Giant Awakening? Geothermal Energy 2021
An In-depth Look at Ogden Valley's Groundwater Groundwater 2020
Is There a Wetland on Your Property? Identification and Next Steps Wetlands 2020
Crystal Peak, Millard County, Utah Volcanics 2020
Needing a Great Resource for Teaching Your Students About Utah Fossils? Technology 2020
Covenant Oil Field in the Central Utah thrust Belt Turns 15 Years Old Oil and Gas 2020
Utah's Ancient Mega-Landslides Landslides 2020
The Uinta-Tooele structural zone–what’s in a name? Geologic History 2020
What were those strange white mounds along the shores of Great Salt Lake? Great Salt Lake 2020
Increased battery demand spurs interest in Utah’s metallic resources Metals 2020
Wind Cave, Logan, Utah Caves 2020
El Ciclo De Las Rocas (Spanish version of Rock Cycle: Always Changing) Rocks and Minerals 2020
The UGS Response to the March 18, 2020, Magnitude 5.7 Magna, Utah, Earthquake and Aftershock Sequence Earthquakes 2020
Impacts of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Utah’s Energy Industry Energy 2020
What Gives Utah’s “Red Rock Country” its Color? Landforms 2020
White Rocks Tooele County, Utah Landforms 2020
The Curious Spring Creek Road Landslide Landslides 2019
Investigating Earthquake Hazard on the Southern Wasatch Fault Zone Earthquakes 2019
Why a Building Full of Rocks is so Important to Utah Core Center News 2019
What Are Ice Caves? Caves 2019
Hole-in-the-Ground, Snake Valley, Millard County, Utah Limestone Geology 2019
New Core, New Insights into Ancient Lake Uinta Evolution and Uinta Basin Energy Resources Oil and Gas 2019
Drones for Good: Utah Geologists Take to the Skies Technology 2019
Utah Mining Districts at Your Fingertips Mining 2019
The Benefits of Oil and Gas Production to the State of Utah and Its Citizens—How Things Work! Oil and Gas 2019
What Are Those Blue Ponds Near Moab? Mining 2019
Pine Park and the Ancient Supervolcanoes of Southwestern Utah Volcanoes 2019
Powell’s 1869 Journey Down the Green and Colorado Rivers History 2019
Major John Wesley Powell: 1834–1902 Biography 2019
The Curious Case of the Green River in the Uinta Mountains Landforms 2019
Park City Sunrise Rotary Regional Geologic Park, Summit County, Utah Landforms 2019
Why are Natural Resources, such as Coal, Found in Some Places but not in Others? Natural Resources 2018
Utah’s Early Cretaceous Fossils Provide Critical Data on the Opening of the Atlantic Ocean Dinosaurs 2018
What is an unconformity? Geologic History 2018
Crystal Geyser, Grand County Water 2018
San Juan River Rincon, San Juan County Landforms 2018
Parowan Gap, Iron County Landforms 2018
The Unsung Hero of Energy Conservation in Utah Renewable Energy 2018
Does Utah really use more water than any other state? Water 2018
Core Like Never Before – An Unprecedented 1600-foot Core from the Green River Formation in the Uinta Basin Core Center News 2018
Mysteries of the Uinta Mountains – Commonly Asked Questions Mountains 2018
Ancient Volcanoes of the Central Wasatch Range Volcanoes 2018
Horizontal Drilling in Utah: Can Utah Compete with Surrounding States? Oil and Gas 2018
Using Gravity in a Multidisciplinary Approach to Better Understand the Subsurface at the Utah FORGE Site Geothermal Energy 2018
Oil and Gas in the Uinta Basin, Utah –What to Do With the Produced Water Oil and Gas 2018
Groundwater Conditions at the Utah FORGE site Geothermal Energy 2018
Monroe’s “Sweet” Groundwater Points to Contamination Source Water 2018
Monitoring Groundwater Response to Large-Scale Juniper Treatments Water 2018
Utah Gold: History, Placers, and Recreational Regulations Mining 2017 (rev.)
Does Utah Preserve North America’s Oldest Cretaceous Dinosaurs Because of Ancient Salt Deposits? Dinosaurs 2017
Wolverine Petrified Forest, Garfield County Fossils 2017
Utah Gold - Utah's Gold History Minerals 2017
Utah Gold - Utah's Gold Placers Minerals 2017
Utah Gold - Fool's Gold Minerals 2017
Utah Gold - Recreational Gold Panning and Dredging Regulations Minerals 2017
Utah Gold - Where can I get additional information? Minerals 2017
What are Moqui marbles? Rocks and Minerals 2017
Do ants mine gold? Rocks and Minerals 2017
The Wasatch Fault from Above: Re-mapping the Wasatch Fault Zone Using Airborne High-Resolution Topographic Data Faults 2017
A View of the World’s Deepest Pit – Bingham Canyon Mine Overlook, Salt Lake County Mining 2017
The Cockscomb and Kaibab Uplift of Southern Utah, Kane County Landforms 2017
A Partner in the CarbonSAFE Rocky Mountains Project CO2 Sequestration 2017
Not All Megawatts Are Created Equal – An Examination of Electric Generation Capacity Factor Electricity 2017
You have a bookstore? In the digital age? Resources 2017
UCRC Receives a Treasure Trove Donation of Greater Aneth Oil Field Cores Core Center News 2017
Geologic Hazard Mapping In Glen Canyon National Recreation Area Hazards 2017
2017 Flooding And Landslides In Box Elder County, Utah Hazards 2017
Mapping Wetlands in the Upper Bear River Watershed Wetlands 2017
UGS’s Role in Contributing Water-Quality Data to the National Ground-Water Monitoring Network Groundwater 2017
Tooele 30′ x 60′ quadrangle geologic map Maps 2017
Practical uses of geologic maps Maps 2017
Update on the Markagunt gravity slide: Utah’s largest landslide just got bigger – a lot bigger Geologic History 2016
Why are there so many natural arches in Utah? Arches 2016
The Salt Crust on Great Salt Lake’s North Arm Great Salt Lake 2016
Bingham Canyon’s Manefay Landslides and the Future of the Mine Mining 2016
Recent Urban Geologic Mapping of Northwestern Salt Lake Valley Mapping 2016
Paleoseismic Investigation of the Taylorsville Fault, West Valley Fault Zone, Utah Faults 2016
Salt Lake City Cemetery, Salt Lake County Rocks and Minerals 2016
Point of the Mountain, Salt Lake and Utah Counties Landforms 2016
Smoky Mountain, Kane County Mountains 2016
Some impacts of low oil prices on Utah Oil 2016
What geologic hazards should I be aware of as a homeowner in Utah? Hazards 2016
What is geovandalism? Geovandalism 2016
Wetland Condition in the Weber River Watershed Wetlands 2016
Liquefaction Hazards in Utah Hazards 2016
Cores from Greater Aneth Oil Field: A Trip Back in Time to Utah’s “Bahama Islands” and “Florida Keys” Core Center News 2016
Cores from Central Utah’s Covenant Field – Oil-Bearing Ancient Sand Dunes Core Center News 2016
Mapping Utah’s Geology Maps 2016
The New Ogden 30′ x 60′ Geologic Map Maps 2016
UGS Updates Existing and Develops New Guidelines for Investigating Geologic Hazards Hazards 2016
More Than a Grain of Salt: The Salt Crust on Great Salt Lake’s North Arm Minerals 2016
Utah Geological Survey is Major Partner in Large Geothermal Project near Milford, Utah Geothermal 2016
UGS Paleontologists Collect Dinosaur Megablock Dinosaurs 2015
Alhambra Rock, San Juan County, Utah Volcanoes 2015
Why are there Utah names on Mars? Geographic Names 2015
What is the Boxcar Seawall? Great Salt Lake 2015
Today’s (and tomorrow’s?) phosphate Minerals 2015
What is an Earthquake Early Warning System, and does Utah Have One? Earthquakes 2015
Sheep Creek Canyon Geological Area, Daggett County Landforms 2015
Marvelous Moore Cutoff, Emery County Landforms 2015
Updated Map Shows Utah’s Many Oil and Gas Fields Oil and Gas 2015
Development of New Markets for Uinta Basin Crude via Rail Oil 2015
Skyline 16 Green River Formation Core – World Class Lacustrine Teaching Tool Core Center News 2015
Emergency Response and the Utah Geological Survey, What role do we serve and what services are provided? Hazards 2015
LiDAR—Valuable Tool in the Field Geologist’s Toolbox Maps 2015
Understanding Southeast Utah’s Cane Creek Oil, A Continuing Challenge Oil and Gas 2015
Deep Nitrate in an Alluvial Valley: Potential Mechanisms for Transport Groundwater 2015
When sharks, rays & sawfish ruled Utah’s rivers Fossils 2014
How can sedimentary rocks tell you about Utah’s history? Geologic History 2014
Volcanic Features in the Black Rock Desert, Millard County Volcanoes 2014
What are keeper potholes & how are they formed? Landforms 2014
The Uinta Mountains: A Tale of Two Geographies Mountains 2014
Is Utah’s State Rock Good, Bad, or Ugly? Rocks and Minerals 2014
Utah still supplying gilsonite to the world after 125 years of mining Mining 2014
Frack Sand in Utah? Mining 2014
Roosevelt Hot Springs Geothermal Area, Beaver County Water 2014
St. George Dinosaur Discovery Site at Johnson’s Farm, Washington County Tracks 2014
UGS Set to Publish Major Study on Potential Paleozoic Shale-Gas Resources Oil and Gas 2014
Utah Hosts Petroleum Geology Convention Oil and Gas 2014
Ferron Sandstone Cores, Excellent Teaching Tools to Spark the Imagination! Core Center News 2014
Microbial Carbonate Reservoirs and the Utah Geological Survey’s “Invasion” of London Microbes 2014
Wetland Monitoring in Snake Valley Wetlands 2014
UGS Groundwater & Spring Flow Monitoring in Snake Valley Groundwater 2014
The Thumb-Spiked Iguanodontians – Dinosaurian Cows of the Early Cretaceous Dinosaurs 2013
UGS Scientist Honored in Naming of Utah’s Newest Dinosaur: Martharaptor greenriverensis Dinosaurs 2013
Spectacular pterosaur track slab begins its cross-country journey Tracks 2013
The Early Miocene Markagunt Megabreccia: Utah’s Largest Catastrophic Landslide Geologic History 2013
Where is the coolest spot in Utah? Landforms 2013
Notch Peak—BIG Cliff, Millard County Landforms 2013
Gandy Warm Springs, Millard County Water 2013
The Goosenecks of the San Juan River, San Juan County Landforms 2013
Are Ownership and Production Patterns of Utah Petroleum Resources Related? Oil and Gas 2013
Liquid-rich Shale Potential of the Uinta and Paradox Basins Oil Shale 2013
New UGS study to determine what best to do with water produced from gas fields in the Uinta Basin Gas 2013
Can rockfalls cause wildfires? Hazards 2013
Is there winter scuba diving in Utah? Water 2013
Utah Oil and Gas: a rich history, a powerful future (updated 2013) Oil and Gas 2013
Using Aquifers for Water Storage in Cache Valley Water 2013
Establishing Baseline Water Quality in the Southeastern Uinta Basin Water 2013
Geologic Maps As Art Maps 2013
Damaging Debris Flows Prompt Landslide Inventory Mapping for the 2012 Seely Fire, Carbon and Emery Counties, Utah Hazards 2013
Rock Fall: An Increasing Hazard in Urbanizing Southwestern Utah Hazards 2013
New Geologic Data Resources for Utah Maps 2013
Are those animal tracks in the sidewalk? Tracks 2012
Comb Ridge, San Juan County Landforms 2012
Sizing Up Titans – Navajo Erg vs. Sahara Ergs. Which was the larger sand box? Landforms 2012
An update on the largest arches in the world (January 2012) Arches 2012
Is there coral in Great Salt Lake? Great Salt Lake 2012
Utah’s potash resources and activity Mining 2012
Bonneville Salt Flats Lake Bonneville 2012
The Honeycombs, Juab County Volcanoes 2012
A Longer Term View of the Results of U.S. Energy Policy Energy 2012
Hydraulic fracturing and shale gas Oil and Gas 2012
Utah’s Gordon Creek Field to Test Commercial-Scale Storage of Carbon Dioxide CO2 Sequestration 2012
Northwest Utah—Could it be Utah’s Newest Energy Hotspot? Energy 2012
What is a Metamorphic Core Complex? Rocks and Minerals 2012
Evaluating the seismic relation between the West Valley fault zone and Salt Lake City segment of the Wasatch fault zone Hazards 2012
Another large landslide closes highway near Cedar City, Utah Hazards 2012
2011 Landslides in Utah Hazards 2012
UGS Uses Geophysics to Explore for New Geothermal Resources Geothermal Energy 2012
Utah’s Prehistoric Tanks: The Ankylosaurs Dinosaurs 2011
Why is Bear Lake so blue? And other commonly asked questions (pdf) Bear Lake 2011
How can I name a mountain? Geographic Names 2011
What is the correct name of…? Geographic Names 2011
Rock Cycle poster (pdf) Rocks and Minerals 2011
What are the roots of geobotany? Soils 2011
The Witches, Summit County Landforms 2011
Devils Kitchen, Juab County Landforms 2011
Little Grand Canyon, Wedge Overlook, and Buckhorn Draw Scenic Backway, San Rafael Swell, Emery County Landforms 2011
UGS Explores for New Geothermal Resources in Utah Geothermal Energy 2011
Natural Buttes Field – Utah’s “tight” sandstone gas storehouse Oil and Gas 2011
Landslide Hazards in Utah Hazards 2011
Land Subsidence and Earth Fissures in Cedar Valley Hazards 2011
Updated Landslide Maps of Utah Maps 2011
GPS Monitoring of Slow-Moving Landslides Hazards 2011
Liquefaction in the April 15, 2010, M 4.5 Randolph Earthquake Hazards 2011
Exploring Utah’s Other Great Lake Water 2011
Utah Shales May Contain The “Right Stuff”—Natural Gas Natural Gas 2011
Historical Maps—More Than Meets The Eye Maps 2011
New Classification Scheme – Great Salt Lake Wetlands Great Salt Lake 2011
What do environmental tracers tell us about groundwater in Snake Valley? Groundwater 2011
Utah’s Pleistocene Fossils: Keys for Assessing Climate and Environmental Change Ice Age 2010
The fossil preparation lab at the Utah Geological Survey: Bringing Earth’s ancient past to life Fossils 2010
What are those lines on the mountain? From bread lines to erosion-control lines Mountains 2010
Ice Ages – What are they and what causes them? Ice Age 2010
Glacial Landforms in Big and Little Cottonwood Canyons Glaciers 2010
Utah’s Glacial Geology Glaciers 2010
How many islands are in Great Salt Lake? Great Salt Lake 2010
The Mercur District: A History of Utah’s Top Gold Camp Minerals 2010
Utah potash: resources, production, and exploration Mining 2010
Uranium – Fuel for the 21st Century? Mining 2010
Cascade Falls, Kane County Water 2010
Fremont Indian State Park, Sevier County Volcanoes 2010
Saline Water Disposal in the Uinta Basin, Utah: Protecting fresh water while allowing for increased hydrocarbon production Hydrocarbons 2010
Major Oil Plays in Utah and Vicinity Oil and Gas 2010
Legislative Directives to the Utah State Energy Program 2009 Energy 2010
Modeling Ground-Water Flow in Cedar Valley Groundwater 2010
Utah Geological Survey’s West Desert Ground-Water Monitoring Network: Progress Report Groundwater 2010
Scientific Investigations at Hanksville-Burpee Dinosaur Quarry Dinosaurs 2009
What should you do if you find a fossil? Can you keep it? Should you report it? Fossils 2009
Ancient Landslides of the Beaver Dam Mountains, Washington County, Utah Geologic History 2009
What is the Biggest Natural Arch in the World? (May 2009) Arches 2009
Wall Arch, a Fallen Giant, Grand County Arches 2009
Why does a river run through it? Water 2009
Fantasy Canyon, Uintah County Landforms 2009
Utah’s Belly Button, Upheaval Dome, San Juan County Landforms 2009
Carbon Dioxide Sequestration Demonstration Project Underway in Utah! CO2 Sequestration 2009
Utah’s Renewable Energy Zone Assessment Renewable Energy 2009
Evaluating Utah’s Oil Shale Resource Oil Shale 2009
Rock-Fall Hazards in Utah Hazards 2009
Utah's Energy Landscape Energy 2009
Unusually High Nitrate Concentrations in Southern Sanpete County’s Ground Water Groundwater 2009
New Geologic Hazards Mapping in Utah Maps 2009
Landslide Inventory Mapping in Twelvemile Canyon, Central Utah Hazards 2009
Second Damaging Y Mountain Rock Fall in Four Years Hazards 2009
Large Rock Fall Closes Highway Near Cedar City, Utah Hazards 2009
Logan Landslide Hazards 2009
Fossil environments in Utah (pdf) Fossils 2008
Ancient Exhumed River Channels of the Morrison and Cedar Mountain Formations Geologic History 2008
The Dome/ Diapir/ Dome Mountain Dilemma Mountains 2008
Glacial striations and slickensides – What are those groovy rocks and how did they get that way? Glaciers 2008
So you think you’ve found a meteorite; is it really a meteorwrong? Meteorites 2008
The Gunlock Meteorite Finds a New Home at the UGS Meteorites 2008
A New Uranium Boom? Mining 2008
UGS Responds to the Magnitude 6.0 Wells, Nevada, Earthquake Earthquakes 2008
UGS Excavates New Fault Trenches on the Weber Segment of the Wasatch Fault Zone Faults 2008
G.K. Gilbert Geologic View Park, Salt Lake County Landforms 2008
Cascade Springs, Wasatch County Water 2008
The Onion Creek Salt Diapir, Grand County Landforms 2008
What is magnetic declination? Rocks and Minerals 2008
Using Digital Technology in the Field Maps 2008
From Field to Published Map Maps 2008
Energy Codes Training Energy 2008
Geologic-Hazard and Adverse-Construction-Condition Maps for the St. George–Hurricane Area, Washington County, Utah Maps 2008
UGS Compiles GIS Database Showing Geologic-Hazard Special-Study Areas for the Wasatch Front Hazards 2008
The Green Pond Landslide, Imperceptibly Moving Ground Hazards 2008
Great Salt Lake – The Titanium Connection Mining 2008
Geothermal Energy Development in Utah Geothermal Energy 2008
New Horned Dinosaurs from the Wahweap Formation Dinosaurs 2007
The Case for Fishing Dinosaurs Tracks 2007
What are “Potholes” and how are organisms able to live in them? Landforms 2007
Great Salt Lake Trivia Questions Great Salt Lake 2007
Colorful Coal “Clinker” close to Castle Gate, Carbon County Rocks and Minerals 2007
Race to ore: the beginnings of open-pit copper mining, a century of open-pit mining at Bingham Canyon Mining 2007
I am thinking of buying a house at “X” address… is it near a fault? Faults 2007
Sand Dunes on the Navajo Sandstone at Sand Mountain, Washington County Landforms 2007
Taking Another Look at Utah’s Tar Sand Resources Tar Sands 2007
The Great Energy Debate Renewable Energy 2007
Earthquakes – Wasatch Fault Earthquakes 2007
The 2001 Heather Drive Landslide, Layton, Davis County, Utah Hazards 2007
The 2005 Sage Vista Lane Landslide, Cedar Hills, Utah County, Utah Hazards 2007
Wildfires and Debris Flows in Northern Utah Hazards 2007
The 2005-06 Creekside Drive Area Landslides, Mountain Green, Morgan County, Utah Hazards 2007
Virtual Geologic Map Overlays Maps 2007
Wasatch Fault: Nephi Segment Hazards 2007
Wasatch Fault: End Segments Hazards 2007
2006 Landslides Hazards 2007
Open-Pit Copper Mining Mining 2007
Carbon Dioxide Sequestration CO2 Sequestration 2007
Utah Core Research Center: Aiding Utah’s Petroleum Development Oil and Gas 2007
Tight Gas Reservoirs, Uinta Basin Oil and Gas 2007
The Status of Wind Energy Development in Utah Renewable Energy 2007
Ground-Water Monitoring in Utah’s West Desert Groundwater 2007
Utah Shale Oil and Gas 2007
When I find a mineral or fossil in the field, why doesn’t it look similar to specimens in museums or at mineral and fossil shows? Rocks and Minerals 2006
Spectacular Towering Cliffs at Castle Rock Campground, Sevier County Volcanoes 2006
Rozel Point and Spiral Jetty Revisited, Box Elder County Great Salt Lake 2006
Devils Playground, Box Elder County Landforms 2006
Igneous and Metamorphic Geology of Utah Rocks and Minerals 2006
Groundwater Water 2006
Lisbon Valley Copper Project Mining 2006
Funding Encourages a Wide Spectrum of Research on Utah's Hydrocarbon Resources Hydrocarbons 2006
Utah Key Player in Future Oil Shale Development Oil Shale 2006
Utah’s Limestone Rocks and Minerals 2006
Geothermal Development in Utah - New Incentives and New Projects Geothermal Energy 2006
Proposed Ground-water Withdrawal in Snake Valley Groundwater 2006
New Borehole-Geophysical Logging Program Water 2006
New Discoveries of Fossil Mammals Fossils 2006
Increased Oil and Gas Drilling in Utah Starting to Produce Dividends Oil and Gas 2006
New Utah Minerals: Holfertite & Nukundamite Minerals 2006
Granite Peak Mountain Mountains 2006
St. George 30’x60’ Quadrangle Maps 2006
New Age for the Santa Clara Basalt Flow Volcanoes 2006
Utah’s Anemometer Loan Program Renewable Energy 2006
Stump a Geologist Glad You Asked 2006
Tooele Valley Wetlands- A Valuable but Potentially Endangered Resource Wetlands 2006
Earth Fissures near Beryl Junction in the Escalante Desert Earth Fissures 2005
Falcarius utahensis; Killer Dinos Turned Vegetarian Dinosaurs 2005
Dinosaur Record from the Early Cretaceous Cedar Mountain Formation Dinosaurs 2005
Utah’s oldest fossils are found in the Uinta Mountains Fossils 2005
Inventory and Management of Utah's Fossil Resources Fossils 2005
What Utah mountain range honors prominent geoscientists of the 19th century and who were they? Mountains 2005
The Traverse Mountains Mountains 2005
Preguntas Comunes Acerca de Gran Lago Salado de Utah ye de Antiguo Lago Boneville (pdf) Great Salt Lake 2005
What are fulgurites and where can they be found? Rocks and Minerals 2005
Selected mining districts of Utah Mining 2005
“Bubblin’ Crude” at Rozel Point, Box Elder County Great Salt Lake 2005
Thistle Landslide Revisited, Utah County Hazards 2005
The Amazing Monoliths and “Mountain” of Gypsum at Lower Cathedral Valley, Capitol Reef National Park, Wayne County Landforms 2005
What is Utah’s State Soil? Soils 2005
Geologic Guide to the Central Wasatch Front Canyons, Salt Lake County, Utah Guides 2005
Utah’s Newly Recognized Dinosaur Record Dinosaurs 2005
Pilot Project Shows Promise for Aquifer Storage and Recovery Groundwater 2005
Deep Utah coal deposits – repositories for greenhouse gas emissions? Energy 2005
“Elephant” Discovered in Central Utah? Oil and Gas 2005
Protecting Utah Homes Hazards 2005
Landslides keep Hazards Program busy Hazards 2005
Earth Fissures in Escalante Hazards 2005
State Energy Program Energy 2005
Have meteorites or meteorite craters been found in Utah? Meteorites 2004
What kind of rock makes a good wall? Rocks and Minerals 2004
New Utah Minerals: Bobjonesite and Anorthominasragrite Minerals 2004
The Midway Hot Pots – Natural Hot Springs, Wasatch County Water 2004
Sand Dunes at Little Sahara Recreation Area, Juab County Landforms 2004
Fisher Towers – The Towering Red Rock Sculptures of Grand County Landforms 2004
What are seismic surveys and how much “shaking” do they create? Earthquakes 2004
Reading a stone wall Rocks and Minerals 2004
Utah Geology Postcard Information 2004
Goblin Valley State Park Geologic Map, Emery County, Utah Maps 2004
Earthquake Fault Map of a Portion of Cache County, Utah Maps 2004
Earthquake Fault Map of a Portion of Tooele County, Utah Maps 2004
Earthquake Fault Map of a Portion of Washington County, Utah Maps 2004
Dr. Lehi Hintze, Geologist Extraordinaire Geologists 2004
UGS Publishes The Geology of Millard County, Utah Maps 2004
UGS Awarded DOE Grant Oil and Gas 2004
UGS Receives Record STATEMAP Geologic Mapping Grant Maps 2004
Improving Our Understanding of Earthquake Hazards in Utah Hazards 2004
The Mapleton Megatrench Hazards 2004
New Guidelines for Evaluating Surface- Fault-Rupture Hazards in Utah Hazards 2004
Storing Carbon Dioxide Emissions Underground — New Projects CO2 Sequestration 2004
Gilsonite – An Unusual Utah Resource Mining 2004
Turn up the thermostat and turn on the shower Groundwater 2004
New Oil and Gas Fields Map of Utah Oil and Gas 2004
Rules limiting mercury emissions Energy 2004
Maps Show Potential Geologic Effects of a Magnitude 7 Earthquake Hazards 2003
Debris Flows in Utah – New Guidelines Hazards 2003
What About Great Salt Lake? Great Salt Lake 2003
Fire-Related Debris Flows Damage Houses Hazards 2003
Triggered Seismicity in Utah from the Denali Fault Earthquake Hazards 2003
An Up Close and Personal View of Cherokee Oil Field Oil and Gas 2003
Blue-Green Algae: It’s Not Just Pond Scum Great Salt Lake 2003
Leamington Cement Plant Energy 2003
Coalbed-Gas Exploration in Utah Oil and Gas 2003
New Aquifer Storage and Recovery Project, Ogden Area Groundwater 2003
Storing Carbon Dioxide Beneath the Colorado Plateau CO2 Sequestration 2003
Natural Gas Development Continues to Expand in Utah Oil and Gas 2003
The Wolverine Petrified Forest Fossils 2003
Big Rock Candy Mountain – A Colorful Reminder of Utah’s Volcanic Past Volcanoes 2003
Are there glaciers in Utah’s mountains? Glaciers 2003
What causes the foam on Great Salt Lake? Great Salt Lake 2003
Pink Water, White Salt Crystals, Black Boulders, and the Return of Spiral Jetty! Great Salt Lake 2003
How do geologists identify minerals? Minerals 2003
New Utah Minerals: Orthominasragrite and Oswaldpeetersite Minerals 2003
Nature’s Version of a Playground Slide – Devils Slide, Morgan County Landforms 2003
Rules and Regulations Regarding Rock, Mineral, and Fossil Collecting in Utah Rocks and Minerals 2003
Liquefaction Potential Map for Cache Valley Cache County, Utah Maps 2003
Liquefaction Susceptibility Map for Tooele Valley, Tooele Valley, Utah Hazards 2003
St. George Dinosaur Tracksite Tracks 2002
Discovery of a New Pterosaur Tracksite at Flaming Gorge Reservoir Tracks 2002
Inverted Topography in the St. George Area of Washington County Volcanoes 2002
Pahvant Butte in the Black Rock Desert Volcanoes 2002
Rainbow of Rocks: mysteries of sandstone colors and concretions in Colorado Plateau Canyon Country (pdf) Rocks and Minerals 2002
What are minerals used for? MInerals 2002
Red beryl = What gemstone is found in Utah that is rarer than diamond and more valuable than gold? Minerals 2002
New Utah Minerals: Juanitaite and Dickthomssenite Minerals 2002
Little Egypt Geologic Site, Hoodoos of Garfield County Landforms 2002
What are those crunchy crusts found on some Utah soils? Soils 2002
Use a settling container to determine the relative amount of sand, silt, and clay in sediment Rocks and Minerals 2002
Ground-Shaking Map for a Magnitude 7.0 Earthquake on the Wasatch Fault Salt Lake City, Utah Metropolitan Area Hazards 2002
Too Many Wells — or Too Few Water 2002
Large Boulder Damages Rockville Home Hazards 2002
Renaissance in Oil Shale Leasing on State Lands Oil Shale 2002
Cache Valley sensitivity and vulnerability to pesticides Groundwater 2002
Landslide damaged six Layton homes Hazards 2002
San Rafael Swell proposed as new national monument Landforms 2002
Growing importance of coalbed gas in Utah Energy 2002
Massive Gravity Slides Show the Value of Detailed Mapping Maps 2002
Utah’s Petroleum Industry Posts Banner Year in 2001 Oil and Gas 2002
Landscape Rocks Public Collecting Localities Rocks and Minerals 2001
Paul Bunyans Woodpile, Juab County, Utah Volcanoes 2001
Natural Arches in the Cedar City Area, Iron County Arches 2001
The Stockton Bar, a Geologic Treasure in Tooele County Lake Bonneville 2001
What is a rock formation? Geologic History 2001
Why is the Wasatch Front “blessed” with abundant sand, gravel, and rock? Rocks and Minerals 2001
Where can I collect landscaping rock on public land? Rocks and Minerals 2001
Photo essay of four Utah earthquakes, 1921-1972 (pdf) Earthquakes 2001
Utah Geological Survey Brochure Information 2001
Landslides: What they are, why they occur Hazards 2001
Using Geologic Hazards Information to Reduce Risks and Losses - a Guide for Local Governments Hazards 2001
Dugway Geode Beds, Juab County Rocks and Minerals 2000
How can I stake a mining claim? Rocks and Minerals 2000
Utah’s Sevier Thrust System Geologic History 2000
How was Utah’s topography formed? (major physiographic provinces) Landforms 2000
Dome Mountains (Activity for 3rd grade) Mountains 2000
New Utah Minerals: Utahite, Juabite, and Blatonite Minerals 2000
Sinkholes in Big Round Valley, Washington County Landforms 2000
Why does the eastern border of Utah have a kink in it? Maps 2000
Rock-Fall Hazards Hazards 2000
Debris-Flow Hazards Hazards 2000
Volcanoes (Activity for 3rd grade) Volcanoes 1999
What is the Grand Staircase? (pdf) Landforms 1999
Hydrologic Cycle Specific to Utah Water 1999
Building Stones of Downtown Salt Lake City, a walking tour Rocks and Minerals 1999
The geology of Quail Creek State Park (pdf) Landforms 1999
The geology of Goblin Valley State Park (pdf) Landforms 1999
Utah Geological Survey Information Brochure Information 1999
Metalliferous Resources of Utah Resources 1999
Rockhound Guide to Selected Rock and Mineral Localities in Utah Rocks and Minerals 1999
Geologic Maps: What are you standing on? Maps 1999
Large Mine Permits in Utah Mining 1999
Small Mine Permits in Utah Mining 1999
Birdseye Marble in the Manti-La Sal National Forest, Utah County Rocks and Minerals 1998
Bixbyite, Rutile, and Amethyst Crystals near Marysvale, Piute County Rocks and Minerals 1998
Easily accessible examples of igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary rocks in Wasatch Front canyons Rocks and Minerals 1998
What are “colloidal mineral supplements” and where do they come from? Minerals 1998
Do I have to travel all the way to Yellowstone, or can I see beautiful hot springs here in Utah? Water 1998
Utah: A Geologic History Geologic History 1998
Geologic Map of Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument, Utah Maps 1998
Homeowner's Guide to Recognizing and Reducing Landslide Damage on their Property Hazards 1998
Large Mine Permits and Plants in Utah Maps 1998
Agate, chert, jasper, and petrified wood, Wayne County Rocks and Minerals 1997
Smokey Quartz and Feldspar Crystals at Rock Corral Canyon in the Mineral Mountains, Beaver County Rocks and Minerals 1997
Geologic Stretching – How many inches per year do Salt Lake City, Utah and Reno, Nevada move away from each other? Landforms 1997
Brine properties, mineral extraction industries, and salt load of Great Salt Lake, Utah (pdf) Great Salt Lake 1997
How do geologists know how old a rock is? Rocks and Minerals 1997
New Utah Minerals: Frankhawthorneite, Jensenite, and Leisingite Minerals 1997
Earthquakes & Utah (pdf) Earthquakes 1997
Landslide evaluation issues– examples from Timber Lakes Estates Landslides 1997
Topographic Map of the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument Maps 1997
Stability of the Pine Ridge Landslide at Timber Lakes Estates, Wasatch County, Utah: Implications for Future Development and Land-Use Planning Hazards 1997
Oft Gestellte Fragen Uberden Groben Salzsee (German version of PI-39) Water 1997
Trilobites and the Cambrian Environment of Utah Fossils 1996
Utah’s Wildlife in the Ice Age Ice Age 1996
Gypsum sand near Knolls, Tooele County Rocks and Minerals 1996
“Onyx” Near Mount Nebo, Juab County Rocks and Minerals 1996
Oolitic Sand on Stansbury Island, Tooele County Rocks and Minerals 1996
Utah Caves (pdf) Landforms 1996
Commonly Asked Questions About Utah’s Great Salt Lake and Ancient Lake Bonneville Great Salt Lake 1996
What are igneous, sedimentary, & metamorphic rocks? Rocks and Minerals 1996
Homebuyers guide to earthquake hazards in Utah (pdf) Earthquakes 1996
The Wasatch Fault (pdf) Earthquakes 1996
Canyon Country: A Geologic Guide to the Canyonlands Travel Region Guides 1996
Radon-Hazard Potential in the St. George Area, Washington County, Utah Radon 1996
Radon-Hazard Potential in Ogden Valley, Weber County, Utah Radon 1996
Total Thickness of Coal Within the John Henry Member of the Straight Cliffs Formation Kaiparowits Coal Field, Utah Coal 1996
3D Stereo Topographic Map of Utah Maps 1996
Radon-Hazard Potential in Western Salt Lake Valley, Salt Lake County, Utah Radon 1996
Radon-Hazard Potential in Tooele Valley, Tooele County, Utah Radon 1996
Radon-Hazard Potential in the Lower Weber River Area, Weber and Davis Counties, Utah Radon 1996
Radon-Hazard Potential in Southeastern Cache Valley, Cache County, Utah Radon 1996
Radon-Hazard Potential in the Central Sevier Valley, Sevier County, Utah Radon 1996
Obsidian in the Black Rock Desert, Millard County Rocks and Minerals 1995
Topaz and other minerals found at Topaz Mountain, Juab County Rocks and Minerals 1995
Utah’s State Symbols Rocks and Minerals 1995
New Utah Minerals: Mcalpineite Minerals 1995
Topographic map scales and the General Land Office Grid Maps 1995
Oil and Gas in Summit County, Utah Oil and Gas 1995
Thermal Springs in Utah Water 1995
Large Mine Permits and Plants in Utah Mining 1995
The Earth’s Surface, the only Constant is Change. Landforms 1994
New Utah Minerals: Cannonite, Fangite, Gillulyite, and Tooeleite Minerals 1994
Oil and Gas Pipeline Map of Utah Maps 1994
Liquefaction-Potential Map for a Part of Davis County, Utah Hazards 1994
Liquefaction-Potential Map for a Part of Salt Lake County, Utah Hazards 1994
Special Issue on Utah Minerals, Fossils, Geology Rocks and Minerals 1994
Liquefaction-Potential Map for a Part of Weber County, Utah Hazards 1994
Liquefaction-Potential map for a Part of Utah County, Utah Hazards 1994
Earthquake Ground Shaking in Utah Hazards 1994
Antelope Island State Park Davis County, Utah Maps 1993
Utah Stone Rocks and Minerals 1993
Radon-Hazard Potential in the Sandy-Draper Area, Salt Lake County, Utah Radon 1993
Utah's Geologic History Geologic History 1993
Geologic Resources of Washington County Resources 1993
Radon-Hazard Potential in the Provo-Orem Area, Utah County, Utah Radon 1993
The geology of Snow Canyon State Park, Washington County, Utah (pdf) Volcanoes 1992
Geologic Resources of San Juan County, Utah Resources 1992
Generalized Geology of Snow Canyon State Park Washington County, Utah Maps 1992
Geology and scenery of the central Wasatch Range, Salt Lake and Summit Counties; road log (pdf) Mountains 1991
Big Cottonwood Canyon Mountains 1991
City Creek Canyon Mountains 1991
Emigration Canyon and Lower Parleys Canyon Mountains 1991
Little Cottonwood Canyon Mountains 1991
Mill Creek Canyon Mountains 1991
Earthquake Fault Map of a Portion of Utah County, Utah Maps 1991
Permitted Mine Locations and Mineral Processing Plants in Utah Mining 1991
The Great Salt Lake Information Sheet (pdf) Great Salt Lake 1990
Earthquake hazards and safety in Utah (pdf) Earthquakes 1990
Earthquake Fault map of a Portion of Weber County, Utah Maps 1990
Earthquake Fault Map of a Portion of Salt Lake County, Utah Maps 1990
Geothermal Resources Map of Utah Maps 1990
Geologic Resources of Salt Lake County, Utah Resources 1990
Geologic Resources of Summit County, Utah Resources 1990
Earthquake Fault Map of a Portion of Davis County, Utah Maps 1989
Major levels of Great Salt Lake and Lake Bonneville (pdf) Lake Bonneville 1984
Squatting Dinosaur Tracks Tracks
St. George Dinosaur Tracksite (pdf) Tracks
Dinosaurs Making Tracks at Flaming Gorge Reservoir Tracks
Mammoth tusk discovery adds to our knowledge of life along the shores of Lake Bonneville Ice Age
Sunstones at Sunstone Knoll, Millard County Rocks and Minerals
Wonderstone in the Vernon Hills, Tooele County Rocks and Minerals
Landforms Presentation (PowerPoint) Landforms
The geologic story of GK Gilbert Geologic View Park Geologic History
A Lake Divided – A History of the Southern Pacific Railroad Causeway and Its Effect on Great Salt Lake, Utah Great Salt Lake
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