Paleoseismology of Utah Series

Compilation of U.S. Geological Survey National Earthquake Hazards Reduction Program Final Technical Reports for Utah; Utah Geological Survey Miscellaneous Publication 13-3

This series provides critical information regarding paleoearthquake parameters such as earthquake timing, recurrence, displacement, slip rate, and fault geometry, which can be used to characterize potential seismic sources and evaluate the long-term seismic hazard presented by Utah’s Quaternary faults.

Series #26 – 28

  1. Paleoseismology of Utah, Volume 26—Compilation of 1970s Woodward-Lundgren & Associates Wasatch fault investigation reports and low-sun-angle aerial photography, Wasatch Front and Cache Valley, Utah and Idaho, compiled by Steve D. Bowman, Adam I. Hiscock, and Corey D. Unger, 8 p., 6 plates, 9 DVD set, 2015, Utah Geological Survey Open-File Report 632, Supersedes OFR-548
    Texts (pdf): IntroNorthern PortionSouthern PortionCache Valley
    Plates (pdf): 1A1B2A2B3A3B
    Fault-trace Maps (as pdfs)  (zip)
    Google Earth Indexes (kmz) with images: Northern PortionSouthern PortionCache Valley
    GIS Shapefile (zip)
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  2. Paleoseismology of Utah, Volume 27—Geologic mapping and paleoseismic investigations of the Washington fault zone, Washington County, Utah, and Mohave County, Arizona, edited by William R. Lund, CD (175 p.), 2015 MP-15-6   $14.95
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  3. Paleoseismology of Utah, Volume 28—Holocene surface-faulting earthquakes at the Spring Lake and North Creek sites on the Nephi segment of the Wasatch fault zone: evidence for complex rupture of the Nephi segment, by Christopher B. DuRoss, Michael D. Hylland, Adam Hiscock, Stephen F. Personius, Rich Briggs, Ryan Gold, Gregg Beukelman, Greg N. McDonald, Ben Erickson, Adam McKean, Steve Angster, Roselyn King, Anthony J. Crone, and Shannon A. Mahan, 44 p. + 75 p. appendices, 4 pl., 2017, Utah Geological Survey Special Study 159
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    PDF Plate 1 Spring Lake North Wall Mosaic
    PDF Plate 2 Spring Lake South Wall Mosaic
    PDF Plate 3 North Creek North Wall Mosaic
    PDF Plate 4 North Creek South Wall Mosaic