Geologic maps use a combination of colors, lines, and symbols to depict the relative age, composition, and relationships among rocks and sediments at and near the earth’s surface. Explore the map below by clicking to highlight areas of interest. Utah geologic maps are also available through the Natural Resources Map & Bookstore and UGS Library Catalog. To learn more about map terms or how to use geologic maps, see Geologic maps – what are you standing on? and Practical uses of geologic maps for more information.

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Geologic Map of Utah

Help us improve the Geologic Map of Utah. If you have ever stumbled across any problem on this map, we would like to hear about it. This project will improve the GIS database; update and add detail to formation names, ages, and descriptions; and make limited improvements to the geology.

Geologic Map Portal
Zoom in to different parts of the state to explore detailed geologic maps where available. View, create, save, and print custom maps, find out about geologic formations, and download GIS data.

Digital Geologic Map of Utah
1:500,000-scale, ideal for poster-size prints. Site-specific geologic maps can be found in the Geologic Map Portal.

Simplified Geologic Maps of Utah
1:2,500,000-scale, ideal for 8 1/2″ x11″ presentations.

  • Version 1 (pdf). Full map — with labels, roads, towns, and full explanation.
  • Version 2 (pdf). Map units and faults only — no labels, roads, towns, or explanation.
  • Version 3 (pdf). Map units only — no labels, roads, towns, explanation, or faults.

Postcard Geologic Map of Utah (pdf)
Provides a good overview of the geology of the state, but necessarily simplifies or omits many fine details.

Simplified Geologic Map of Utah, 1:2,500,000-scale.