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Public Interest Articles

GeoSights, Anniversary Edition UGS Anniversary 2024
The Development of Field Spectroscopy for Minerals Exploration: Utah, Fieldwork, and Family Minerals 2023
Geologic Diagnostic: An “MRI” for the Earth Critical Minerals 2023
Utah Returns to Being a Net Energy Importer Energy 2023
Coal for High Technology Coal 2022
Assessing Geologic Carbon Sequestration Opportunities in Utah CO2 Sequestration 2022
Critical Minerals: Reshaping the Minerals Industry Critical Minerals 2022
Geothermal in Utah and the USA: Is a Sleeping Energy Giant Awakening? Geothermal Energy 2021
Massive Core Donations Spurred by Low Oil Prices Core Center 2021
The Significance of Great Salt Lake’s North Arm on Lake Salinity Great Salt Lake 2021
Utah’s Emerging Northern Paradox Basin Unconventional Oil Play Oil and Gas 2021
Mining Core at the UCRC: Boosting Utah's Metal Exploration Mining 2021
Needing a Great Resource for Teaching Your Students About Utah Fossils? Technology 2020
Covenant Oil Field in the Central Utah thrust Belt Turns 15 Years Old Oil and Gas 2020
Impacts of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Utah’s Energy Industry Energy 2020
Why a Building Full of Rocks is so Important to Utah Core Center News 2019
New Core, New Insights into Ancient Lake Uinta Evolution and Uinta Basin Energy Resources Oil and Gas 2019
Utah Mining Districts at Your Fingertips Mining 2019
The Benefits of Oil and Gas Production to the State of Utah and Its Citizens—How Things Work! Oil and Gas 2019
What Are Those Blue Ponds Near Moab? Mining 2019
Oil and Gas in the Uinta Basin, Utah –What to Do With the Produced Water Oil and Gas 2018
Why are Natural Resources, such as Coal, Found in Some Places but not in Others? Natural Resources 2018
Horizontal Drilling in Utah: Can Utah Compete with Surrounding States? Oil and Gas 2018
Core Like Never Before – An Unprecedented 1600-foot Core from the Green River Formation in the Uinta Basin Core Center News 2018
Crystal Geyser, Grand County Water 2018
Utah Gold: History, Placers, and Recreational Regulations Mining 2017 (rev.)
Wolverine Petrified Forest, Garfield County Fossils 2017
UCRC Receives a Treasure Trove Donation of Greater Aneth Oil Field Cores Core Center News 2017
Not All Megawatts Are Created Equal – An Examination of Electric Generation Capacity Factor Electricity 2017
A View of the World’s Deepest Pit – Bingham Canyon Mine Overlook, Salt Lake County Mining 2017
Do ants mine gold? Rocks and Minerals 2017
What are Moqui marbles? Rocks and Minerals 2017
Utah Gold - Utah's Gold History Minerals 2017
Utah Gold - Utah's Gold Placers Minerals 2017
Utah Gold - Fool's Gold Minerals 2017
Utah Gold - Recreational Gold Panning and Dredging Regulations Minerals 2017
Utah Gold - Where can I get additional information? Minerals 2017
More Than a Grain of Salt: The Salt Crust on Great Salt Lake’s North Arm Minerals 2016
Cores from Central Utah’s Covenant Field – Oil-Bearing Ancient Sand Dunes Core Center News 2016
Cores from Greater Aneth Oil Field: A Trip Back in Time to Utah’s “Bahama Islands” and “Florida Keys” Core Center News 2016
The Salt Crust on Great Salt Lake’s North Arm Great Salt Lake 2016
Some impacts of low oil prices on Utah Oil 2016
Bingham Canyon’s Manefay Landslides and the Future of the Mine Mining 2016
Today’s (and tomorrow’s?) phosphate Minerals 2015
Updated Map Shows Utah’s Many Oil and Gas Fields Oil and Gas 2015
Development of New Markets for Uinta Basin Crude via Rail Oil 2015
Understanding Southeast Utah’s Cane Creek Oil, A Continuing Challenge Oil and Gas 2015
Utah still supplying gilsonite to the world after 125 years of mining Mining 2014
UGS Set to Publish Major Study on Potential Paleozoic Shale-Gas Resources Oil and Gas 2014
Utah Hosts Petroleum Geology Convention Oil and Gas 2014

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