Energy & Minerals

Utah has abundant and diverse energy resources including conventional fossil fuels, unconventional oil shale and oil sand resources, and areas suitable for renewable resource development. The state also has extensive mineral resources that contain a variety of base and precious metals, industrial minerals, and uranium. Several metallic and industrial mineral commodities are currently being produced, including copper, gold, limestone, potash, and salt. The UGS Energy & Minerals Program provides the federal, state, and local government, industry, and other organizations with data and other information regarding statewide energy and mineral production and potential.

Utah Core Research Center

The Utah Core Research Center (UCRC) contains the region’s only publicly available and most complete collection of geologic cuttings and core from Utah. The facility currently holds:

  • Cuttings from approximately 5,400 drill holes;
  • Core samples from more than 1,500 drill holes;
  • A collection of type oils from all producing formations in the state; and
  • Miscellaneous samples of metallic minerals, industrial rocks and minerals, tar sands, and oil shale.

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