Geologic Information & Outreach Program

The Geologic Information and Outreach (GIO) Program makes Utah Geological Survey (UGS) information easily accessible and available to a broad audience. Our Technical Review, Editorial, and Web Services sections work together to ensure that UGS publications meet high scientific and editorial standards and are available through a wide variety of mediums. We make UGS information available through technical reports and maps in our formal publication series (available as digital files or printed copies); online interactive maps and databases; translated (non-technical) publications including the tri-annual UGS newsletter, Survey Notes; and social media. GIO geologists answer public inquiries, participate in community outreach activities, and provide geologic resources to teachers. The GIO Program also operates the Natural Resources Map & Bookstore and UGS Library.


  • Public Inquiry – GIO geologists are available to answer questions about Utah geology via phone call, email, walk-in visit (appointments encouraged), and the Ask a Geologist link on the UGS website.
  • Teacher Resources – The GIO Program makes available general educational geoscience materials and has contacts of agencies and organizations for local earth-science resources. Please see the For Teachers section of the UGS website for more information.
  • Teaching Kits – Kits with hands-on activities (generally geared toward 4th, 5th, and 8th grade core curricula) are available with a refundable deposit. Please see the Teaching Kits page on the UGS website for more information.
  • Earth Science Week – The UGS hosts hands-on activities for school groups (generally geared toward 4th grade) to celebrate Earth Science Week during October. Please see the Earth Science Week page on the UGS website for more information.
  • UGS Library – The UGS Library maintains numerous reference materials on Utah geology. Available to the public for research (by appointment only). Located at the Utah Department of Natural Resources, 1594 W. North Temple, Salt Lake City, Utah, 801.537.3333. Please see the Utah Geological Survey Library page on the UGS website for more information.
  • Natural Resources Map & Bookstore– In addition to being an official outlet for U.S. Geological Survey publications and maps, the Natural Resources Map & Bookstore also carries a variety of maps and books for recreational activities in Utah including hiking, biking, ski touring, off-road vehicle and snowmobile touring, and fishing. Located at the Utah Department of Natural Resources, 1594 W. North Temple, Salt Lake City, Utah, 801.537.3320. Please see the bookstore website for more information.


  • Provide timely, accurate, and easily accessible information on Utah’s geology and related topics.
  • Serve a broad audience, including researchers, industry, government officials/decision makers, educators and students, and the general public.
  • Provide clear and objective information for informed decision-making.
  • Maximize the use and effectiveness of UGS information by making that information available through a wide variety of mediums.
  • Provide effective and engaging teacher resources.
  • Increase public awareness of geologic and related information, and appreciation for how that information can make a difference in the lives of Utah’s citizens.

Geologic Information & Outreach and Editorial Staff

Geologic Manager, Legislative Liaison

Mark Milligan

Phone: (801) 537-3326
Email: markmilligan@utah.gov

Mark R. Milligan is a Geologic Manager with the Geologic Information and Outreach Program and has worked with the UGS since 1997. Current job duties include: serving as the legislative liaison, preparing geologic brochures and booklets for the public, responding to public inquiries, writing articles for the UGS’s Survey Notes, creating geologic signage for public display, responding to press inquiries, speaking to public groups, and organizing and leading geologic field trips. Prior employment included managing the State of North Carolina’s Underground Injection Control Program and working as a technician for an environmental consulting firm in Southern California. Mark earned a B.S. with honors in geology from California State University, Fullerton, and a M.S. in geology from the University of Utah. He has been a licensed Professional Geologist since 1996. Mark has authored or coauthored over 40 technical and non-technical articles on a wide variety of geologic topics published by entities ranging from the UGS, to the Society for Sedimentary Geology, to the L.A. Times. He twice received the UGS’s Crawford Award in recognition of work on outstanding geologic publications.

Senior Geologist & Technical Reviewer

Stephanie Carney

Phone: (801) 537-3374
Email: stephaniecarney@utah.gov

Stephanie Carney is a Senior Geologist with the Utah Geological Survey’s Geologic Information and Outreach Program. She earned a B.S. degree in geology from Mississippi State University in 1999 and a M.S. degree in geology from Utah State University in 2002. Stephanie joined the UGS in 2006 as a Geologist with the Energy and Minerals Program where she researched oil and natural gas resources of the state. She is now the technical reviewer for all UGS publications and coordinates the Survey Notes publication. Stephanie has been a licensed Professional Geologist since 2016.

Geologist | Public Inquiries

Jim Davis

Phone: (801) 537-3306
Email: jmdavis@utah.gov

If you have ever come into the bookstore, attended Earth Science Week or checked out a teacher kit here at the UGS, you’ve surely met Jim Davis. He joined the Geologic Information and Outreach Program in 2007 and has since fielded over 300 meteor “wrongs” and only one confirmed meteor “rite.” He excels with mineral identification and hot springs inquiries. Jim holds degrees from Texas A & M University, New Mexico State University, and a Ph.D. in geography from the University of Utah. In his free time, he enjoys landscaping with his kids, indulging in large batches of coffee, and walking his Chiweenie, Chester.

Graphic Arts Specialist | Editorial

Jackie DeWolfe

Phone: (801) 537-3329
Email: jdewolfe@utah.gov

Jackie is a Graphic Arts Specialist with the Editorial Services Section at the Utah Geological Survey. She graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with an emphasis in Graphic Design from Saint Cloud State University in Minnesota, and joined the UGS in January 2020. In her spare time she enjoys trail running, backpacking, fly-fishing, photography, and exploring new places.

Geological Technician, Store Manager | DNR Map & Bookstore

Torri Duncan

Phone: (801) 537-3320
Email: torriduncan@utah.gov

Torri Duncan is the manager of the DNR Map & Bookstore and joined the Utah Geological Survey in 2021. She graduated with a B.S. in geology and international development, specializing in earthquake and tsunami hazards. She has participated in tsunami research in Indonesia and was a ski instructor prior to joining the UGS. In her spare time you’ll find Torri hiking, mountain biking, backcountry skiing, crafting, or baking the perfect chocolate chip cookie.

Media Production Specialist | Editorial

Patrick Engberson

Email: pengberson@utah.gov

Patrick was born the seventh son of a seventh son. He joined the Utah Geological Survey in 2023 as a Media Production Specialist with Editorial Services. He has a B.A. in film and media studies from the University of Utah and previously worked at Workman Success Systems as a video production manager. In his spare time he enjoys live music, hiking, photography, and travel.

Graphic Arts Specialist | Editorial

John Good

Phone: (801) 537-3331
Email: johngood@utah.gov

John is a Graphic Arts Specialist with the Editorial Services section and has worked for the UGS since 2015. His creative talent and commitment to produce high-quality publications has contributed to a positive UGS image among the public and other government agencies. John was named the 2017 UGS Employee of the Year for his excellent work, productivity, positive attitude, and friendly sense of humor.

Publications Manager | Editorial

Jennifer Miller

Phone: (801) 537-3318
Email: jlmiller@utah.gov

Jen Miller joined the Editorial Services section of the Utah Geological Survey in 2016. She has a degree in graphic design and communications specializing in multimedia and digital publishing. As Publications Manager she oversees the production of various types of print and online materials, ensuring that products meet high quality and editorial standards.

Geologist | DNR Map & Bookstore

Peter Nielsen

Phone: 801.537.3320



Suzanne Sawyer

Phone: (801) 537-3333
Email: ssawyer@utah.gov

Suzanne Sawyer is the Librarian with the Utah Geological Survey. She manages the UGS library and provides geological reference and library service to UGS scientists and the general public. She has a Master of Library Science degree from the University of North Texas and a B.S. in elementary education from Utah Valley University. Suzanne joined the UGS in February 2017.

Geologist | Public Inquiries, K-12 Education

Jackson Smith

Phone: (801) 537-3325
Email: jacksonsmith@utah.gov

Jackson is a geologist in the Geologic Information and Outreach Program and has worked for the UGS since 2021. You’ll find Jackson most commonly answering public inquiries and providing K-12 education resources to teachers and the general public. He graduated with a B.S. degree in geology from Weber State University in 2020. Jackson previously worked as a field geologist on drilling jobs, geochemical sampling, and land research involving various rare earth elements and especially lithium clay deposits. He enjoys spending time with his wife and son taking road trips and enjoying the outdoors.

Cartographer & GIS Analyst | Editorial

Lori Steadman

Phone: (801) 537-3319
Email: loristeadman@utah.gov

Lori Steadman is a Senior GIS Analyst and Cartographer with the Editorial Services section at the Utah Geological Survey. She graduated with honors from Salt Lake Community College with a degree in computer aided drafting and design. She joined the UGS in November of 1991.