Speakers for the Classroom

Other Classroom Speaker Resources:

For rocks & minerals: contact R.O.C.K. club (Rockhounder’s Outreach for Community Knowledge) at 801-808-8421 or rockhoundersock@yahoo.com.

Other organizations such as Thanksgiving Point and the Natural History Museum of Utah have classroom speaker programs that are free or charge a fee.

Field Trip Resources

Teacher Workshops

The UGS participates in selected teacher inservices and workshops. Contact Mark Milligan at 801-537-3326 or markmilligan@utah.gov for further information.

  • Earth Science Education (ESE) is a resource for teachers to improve their earth science teaching methods in all grade levels. They have many courses across a variety of topics. Visit their website or contact Genevieve Atwood at 801-538-1896 or genevieveatwood@comcast.net.
  • The Natural History Museum of Utah offers a variety of professional development opportunities to engage in science and engineering practices from the perspective of your students, working side-by-side with scientists to deepen your content knowledge. All Natural History Museum of Utah educator workshops are free for Utah public and charter school educators, and relicensure points or USBE credit will be given for each workshop attended.
  • Utah Science Teachers Association provides science endorsements for teachers. You can check the calendar to view upcoming courses or search through the different courses they offer.
  • American Geosciences Institute (AGI) Geoscience Online Learning Initiative: With many geoscience programs now needing to quickly shift to online teaching, the American Geosciences Institute (AGI) wants to make sure all faculty are aware of the 29 modules in the free-to-take Geoscience Online Learning Initiative (GOLI) platform, which is a joint effort of AGI, AIPG, SEPM, and ASBOG. GOLI courses range in duration from 1 to 10 hours in length, addressing a range of geoscience topics and skills from writing in the geosciences to geoethics to advanced environmental geochemistry, among others. These modules are ready to go and available for your students right now.