"Spot the Rock" March 13, 2014

Can you “Spot the Rock”? It’s time for a new mystery geologic location—tell us where these bumpy rocks are found!

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UPDATE: Location Revealed
For those of you who follow our GeoSights (http://1.usa.gov/1dqnUJo), last week’s “Spot the Rock” was probably very easy. For those who don’t (you should), the answer is Fantasy Canyon.

Fantasy Canyon is approximately an hour’s drive southeast of Vernal. Even though it’s only 28-miles (as the crow flies) in distance, the labyrinth of oil company service roads quickly lengthen the drive.

You’ll find that Fantasy Canyon is crowded with intricate and peculiar stone figures that are a unique expression of rock weathering and erosion. Covering only a few acres, this miniature canyon can be viewed up-close on a short 0.6-mile loop trail. The dull, light khaki gray color of Fantasy Canyon sandstone transforms to a glowing pale orange at sunset. More information about Fantasy Canyon can be found at http://1.usa.gov/1l4cbs7.