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New report: geologic hazards in Zion National Park area


If the thought of a 2,700-ton boulder rolling through your house concerns you, the Utah Geological Survey has a new report you might want to read, particularly if you are considering moving to a community along State Road 9 in Washington County.


Significant Hazards on State Route 9 Near Zion National Park

There are significant geologic hazards present along State Route 9, between La Verkin and Springdale in Washington County, according to the Utah Geological Survey (UGS). Geologists recently released a comprehensive report addressing the numerous geologic hazards that threaten the growing communities of La Verkin, Virgin, Rockville, and Springdale. All of the communities are on State Route 9 which is the main transportation corridor for more than 2.5 million annual visitors to Zion National Park. “Recent damaging and fatal rock falls in Rockville, landslides in Springdale, and floods along the Virgin River demonstrate that many of the geologic processes that have shaped this area’s outstanding scenery also make this area prone to geologic hazards,’ says Tyler Knudsen, UGS geologist.