Worst rockfalls, landslides in Zion National Park

A large rockfall recently closed state Route 9 in Zion National Park, prompting us to take a look back at the worst rockfalls and landslides in the park’s history.


Giant rock fall blocks road near Zion National Park

A giant rock fall has blocked the main park road.


See the official National Park Service News Release HERE for more information.

U of U studying shifting stability of Utah’s iconic arches

The red rock arches of southeastern Utah attract visitors from around the world. The majestic structures have stood for thousands of years, but they could possibly collapse over time.


Why Don’t Balancing Boulders Fall During Earthquakes?

Some boulders defy gravity. Despite balancing on other rocks in the midst of fault lines, they stay precariously perched — thanks in part to those fault lines brushing up against each other, geologists report in the journal Seismological Research Letters.


Farmington Canyon to be closed for days after large boulder falls

Farmington Canyon will be closed for three days to allow the area to be evaluated by engineers after a large boulder fell and blocked the road Sunday.


September is National Preparedness Month

The fear of not knowing what to do in the event of a disaster, how to gather and care for loved ones and how to survive until help arrives can be more traumatizing than the actual disaster.


Glad You Asked: August 28, 2014

With recent geologic hazards like the North Salt Lake landslide, and Napa, California’s large earthquake, perhaps this “Glad You Asked” article can come in handy. Are you thinking of buying a home, and are wondering what geologic hazards are present at some of your prospects? Read for more information!


Rock fall prevention in Utah’s Canyons

A quick read on UDOT’s rockfall prevention efforts. Check it out!

On average, the Utah Department of Transportation spends $200,000 each year cleaning up after rock falls. Crews also make weekly trips looking for potential hazards and how to prevent them.