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Friday marks anniversary of great Pacific Coast quake, tsunami

seattlepi.com Friday marks the 318-year anniversary of one of the greatest earthquakes on record along the Pacific Coast – the estimated 9.2 “Cascadia” quake that struck just off our coast on Jan. 26, 1700. To coincide with the anniversary, NOAA and the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center have released a computer model depiction of how the […]

Spiral Jetty: An artist’s giant, lonely, eerie canvas

ksl.com If you ever take the long journey to visit what is arguably Utah’s most famous artwork, there are a few things it might be useful to take along for the ride: An art historian to explain it. A couple of city dwellers who have never seen it before. A college student who heard about […]

Man excavating Utahraptor herd turns to public for donations

ksl.com LEHI — Scott Madsen has been working on one particular job for more than 15 years. He’s had a long career as an expert in preparing fossils. His work is exceptionally delicate and he often spends hours at a time peering through a microscope, peeling back layers of rock one layer at a time. […]