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Huge Dinosaur Footprints Discovered on Scottish Coast

nationalgeographic.com More than 160 million years ago, long-necked dinosaurs called sauropods lumbered through the ancient lagoons that dotted what is now Great Britain. Now, dozens of their footprints have been found on the forbidding, wave-pounded coast of Scotland’s Isle of Skye. READ MORE

Fun with fossils

progressnewspaper.org What types of plants or animals lived long ago but are no longer in existence? How do we know they existed? For those answers, we look to the fossil record which provides a wealth of information on what once existed on the Earth. READ MORE

Friday marks anniversary of great Pacific Coast quake, tsunami

seattlepi.com Friday marks the 318-year anniversary of one of the greatest earthquakes on record along the Pacific Coast – the estimated 9.2 “Cascadia” quake that struck just off our coast on Jan. 26, 1700. To coincide with the anniversary, NOAA and the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center have released a computer model depiction of how the […]

Spiral Jetty: An artist’s giant, lonely, eerie canvas

ksl.com If you ever take the long journey to visit what is arguably Utah’s most famous artwork, there are a few things it might be useful to take along for the ride: An art historian to explain it. A couple of city dwellers who have never seen it before. A college student who heard about […]

Op-ed: The clock is ticking until Utah faces a major natural disaster

deseretnews.com While hurricanes were devastating Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico, fires were wreaking havoc in California and other global natural disasters were delivering widespread destruction, some here in Utah expressed relief to live in a place where we do not face such devastating natural hazards. READ MORE