Earthquake rattles south-central Utah, one of many in the last 2 weeks

ST. GEORGE — An earthquake rattled Wayne County Tuesday.

The temblor, measuring 3.5 magnitude, was centered about 2.5 miles west northwest of Loa and occurred at 2:26 p.m. No damage or injuries were reported.


MAP SALE: Utah Earthquakes (1850-2016) and Quaternary Fault Map

There is a 57% probability (over 1 in 2 chance) that a magnitude 6.0 or greater earthquake will occur in the Wasatch Front region in the next 50 years.

To address this threat, the Utah Earthquake Program consisting of the UGS, UUSS, and the UDEM, developed the map of Utah earthquakes and faults so the public could more fully understand the hazard from earthquakes and faults, as well as the resulting risk to property, infrastructure, and life safety in Utah.

April 19th is the Great Utah ShakeOut. Participating in this drill is a great way for your family or organization to be prepared to survive and recover quickly from an earthquake. For more information on the Great Utah ShakeOut visit

For the entire month of April the Utah Earthquakes (1850-2016) and Quaternary Fault Map is on sale for $11.25 (reg. $15.00) at the Utah Department of Natural Resources Map & Bookstore, 1594 West North Temple in Salt Lake City. 



UGS geologists participated in the Preparedness on the Hill event yesterday at the State Capitol. Governor Herbert stopped by and discussed earthquake hazards in Utah, and Steve Bowman explained the newly released “Utah Earthquakes (1850–2016) and Quaternary Faults” map. Photo courtesy of the Division of Emergency Management.

Friday marks anniversary of great Pacific Coast quake, tsunami

Friday marks the 318-year anniversary of one of the greatest earthquakes on record along the Pacific Coast – the estimated 9.2 “Cascadia” quake that struck just off our coast on Jan. 26, 1700. To coincide with the anniversary, NOAA and the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center have released a computer model depiction of how the devastating ensuing tsunami raced across the Pacific Ocean.


Op-ed: The clock is ticking until Utah faces a major natural disaster

While hurricanes were devastating Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico, fires were wreaking havoc in California and other global natural disasters were delivering widespread destruction, some here in Utah expressed relief to live in a place where we do not face such devastating natural hazards.


Greg Bell: It is never too early to prepare for hard times ahead

Over the past weeks, we have witnessed a chain of disasters that would seem to be almost once-in-a-lifetime events. Mother Nature’s destructive power leaves us humbled and awed. We stand as nothing before its fury.


Listen to an Earthquake’s Eerie ‘Whale Songs’

Is it possible to “hear” an earthquake? Not the rumbling of the ground that results, but the earthquake itself. Even if you could, what’s the point of listening?


Utah will conduct “Great Shake Out” earth quake drill

SALT LAKE CITY — Utah will be conducting a “Great Shake Out” drill for earthquake awareness in late April.


3.3 magnitude quake reported Sunday in southwestern Utah

(AP) The University of Utah Seismograph Stations has reported a minor earthquake in the southwestern part of the state.


‘Fix the Bricks’ will help SLC residents make old homes safer in case of earthquake

SALT LAKE CITY — A big earthquake is predicted to rattle the Salt Lake Valley sometime in the next 50 years, and Salt Lake City has a new program to help those homeowners with houses built earlier than 1970.