“Spot the Rock” January 8, 2015


Hats off to a new year! Let’s celebrate with a new round of “Spot the Rock.” Anyone have an inkling where these rocks are mingling? Post your guesses below, and we’ll reveal the answer next week!

Photo by: Jeremy Harwood

UPDATE: Location Revealed!

Our friends were “spot” on guessing last week’s “Spot the Rock”! This photo shows Mexican Hat, the famous sombrero-shaped rock perched in the Halgaito Formation. The Halgaito and Honaker Trail Formations appear as red and greenish-gray ribbons on the western flank of the Raplee anticline. Farther south on this route, the rock ribbons take on a scalloped appearance that is due to differential erosion of the soft and hard rocks; the softer Halgaito is wearing away from the crest of the anticline.