Springhill Landslide, North Salt Lake

The Utah Geological Survey (UGS) has been monitoring conditions at the Springhill landslide in North Salt Lake, Davis County since 1998.

These web pages are intended to provide relatively frequent updates on landslide conditions, including movement amounts, changes in the rate of movement, ground-water levels that affect stability, and UGS activities.

The data presented here are provisional and subject to review and revision.

Background/Location Map

In the late 1990s, residents in the Springhill area of North Salt Lake, Davis County began noticing cracking and other distress related to relatively minor movement of the landslide. By 1998, a house at 160 Springhill Drive that straddled the northern boundary of the landslide was severely damaged and condemned. Relatively severe distress also occurred to several houses along Valley View Drive (formerly 350 E) and Springhill Circle.

Little movement or damage occurred during a dry period between 1999 and 2004, but the rate of movement accelerated during the 2005 wet year. Since 2005, the amount of movement each year has increased, except in 2007 and 2011-2012 (dry years), resulting in an increased amount of damage and distress, particularly to houses in the upper and lower parts of the landslide and to Springhill Drive.

Landslide Description

The Springhill landslide is about 720 feet long and about 290 feet wide where it is crossed by Springhill Drive. The local relief (change in elevation) is about 150 feet and the average slope of the landslide is approximately 21 percent (the ground rises 21 feet over a distance of 100 feet).

The depth of the landslide varies along its length. Along the north edge of Springhill Circle, the landslide is about 48 feet deep and likely deeper than 70 feet beneath Springhill Drive. The landslide is shallower along its southern edge, and in the head and toe.

City of North Salt Lake Awarded Federal Grant

On June 28, 2012, the City of North Salt Lake announced that they had been awarded an almost $2 million matching fund Federal Emergency Management Agency Pre-Disaster Mitigation Grant to buy and demolish 11 homes and turn the landslide site into an open-space park. The grant requires a local match of about $600,000. The city plans to apply for other grants, hold fundraisers, and use park funds to get the matching money.

Contact Information

Contact either Rich Giraud, 801-537-3351, email: richardgiraud@utah.gov or Gregg Beukelman, 801-537-3380, email: greggbeukelman@utah.gov.

UGS Technical Reports

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