Snake Valley Surface Water Data

UGS in cooperation with the Utah Division of Water Right has several surface water monitoring sites in Snake Valley. Other surface water sources in the area are monitored by the U.S. Geological Survey. Please visit the National Water Information System to locate USGS data.

UGS Snake Valley Surface Water Monitoring Sites
Site No. Name & Description Water Rights Data Link
SF24-1 Twin Springs, northern spring 9599
SF24-2 Twin Springs, southern spring 9589
SF28-1* Dearden Springs**, flume on Big Springs Creek above Dearden ranch 9569
SF28-2*** Dearden Springs, Highline Ditch flume manual only
SF28-3* Dearden Springs, East Middle Ditch flume 9570
SF28-4* Dearden Springs, West Middle Ditch flume 9571
SF29 Clay Spring 9572
SF30-1 Foote Reservoir, flume on outlet channel 9595
SF30-2 Foote Reservoir, flowmeter on pivot north of reservoir 9574
SF31 Kell Spring 9573
SF32 Miller Spring 9600

* The combined flow in the East (SF28-3) and West (SF 28-4) Middle Ditches, minus the flow at the Big Springs Creek above Dearden Ranch station (SF28-1) should represent the flow of Dearden Springs, provided any flow in the Highline Ditch (SF28-2) is not diverted back into the stream between the three gages.

** Dearden Springs has not been officially named.  These springs are also locally known as Stateline Springs, Dearden Ranch Springs, or Burbank Springs.

*** The calculation of the flow on Dearden Springs may be invalid when water is diverted into Highline Ditch due to leakage and multiple re-entry points.  The diversion is controlled by local farmers and is not used often.