Teacher Resources

Teaching Kits
Teaching KitsLandform, ice age, dinosaur, and rock, mineral, & fossil kits and plate tectonics globes and stream tables. Teachers can borrow with a refundable deposit.
Earth Science Week
Earth Science WeekThe UGS hosts hands-on activities for school groups (usually 4th graders) to celebrate Earth Science Week during October.
Local Earth-Science Resources
Local Earth-Science ResourcesAvailable to Utah teachers and are grade specific when possible, matching the Utah State Science Core Curriculum standards.
G.K. Gilbert Geologic View Park
G.K. Gilbert Geologic View ParkThis geologic park showcases several world-class examples of geologic features with five geologic interpretive signs.
Utah Landforms
Utah LandformsLandforms of Utah and the physiographic provinces.
Geologic History
Geologic HistoryA brief geologic history of Utah; how rocks tell a story and other articles.
MultimediaUGS videos and PowerPoint presentations.
Geologic Guides
Geologic GuidesVirtual and pdf guides to Utah geology.
GeoSightsWhere to see some of Utah’s lesser-known geologic wonders.
Teacher’s Corner articles
Teacher’s Corner articlesA column in our geologic newsletter, Survey Notes, with activities and geologic information for teachers to use in their class.
Glad You Asked articles
Glad You Asked articlesSurvey Notes column that answers general geologic questions on a variety of subjects.