Some great articles for residents in earthquake country

It is always good to have plan for you and your family should a natural disaster occur. Take a couple of minutes to read this concise and thoughtful article regarding little things to do around our homes, as well as proper conduct, in the event of an earthquake. Like the article says—the more little things you can do today, next week, and within a month can be valuable preparation in the long run.

Lessons from Napa: Earthquake warns Utahns of sleeping giant

So far in 2014, Dougherty said Utah has had five earthquakes with a magnitude 3 or higher. Three were in Sanpete County, one near Magna and one east of Bountiful.



Utah will be hosting a major earthquake readiness exercise for emergency response this fall in various locations along the Wasatch Front.

Utah to host major earthquake readiness exercise

Wasatch Front residents may see various emergency response activities and a military presence associated with a multiday emergency exercise in November. It’s a good reminder during September, which is National Preparedness Month, that preparedness is for government and residents alike.