Non-Petroleum Well Data

This database contains non-confidential old paper well data for non-petroleum exploration holes drilled in Utah, with partial funding from the U.S. Bureau of Land Management and the U.S. Geological Survey. The current data is from coal and oil shale exploration wells, but in the future will also include well data from geothermal, potash, oil sand/tar sand, uranium, and other non-petroleum commodity exploration drill holes.

Reports and well logs are included with many of the data points – click the well row in Search results or “Show” on the data popups to see these links.

Most of this well data has accurate location data and are shown in the place where the well was drilled. Wells without accurate location data (with only a section, township, and range) are shown on the map at the location of the UGS offices in Salt Lake City until we can more precisely locate these wells.

If you have good UTM or latitude-longitude coordinates for any wells that appear at the Salt Lake City location, we request that you kindly provide such data to the UGS. If you find a well that is not correctly located, kindly contact the UGS with a correct location. The UGS gladly accepts donations of non-confidential exploration well data for scanning and adding to this database.

Oil & Gas Well Logs (Division of Oil, Gas and Mining)
View scanned logs of Utah oil and gas wells.

Water Well Logs (Utah Division of Water Rights)
These logs contain links to well logs/geologic logs.

If you find any errors in the Non-Petroleum Well Data or wish to donate and make available any non-confidential well data, please contact Taylor Boden at or (801) 537-3362.