Abandoned Coal Mines in Utah

The Utah Geological Survey (UGS) has created this digital database of abandoned coal mine maps as part of its mission to provide information about Utah’s geologic environment, resources, and hazards to promote safe, beneficial, and wise use of land.

With funding from the Mine Safety and Health Administration, and in cooperation with the Utah Division of Oil, Gas, and Mining and the U.S. Bureau of Land Management, the UGS has identified more than 450 abandoned coal mines in Utah; however, with the initial funding the UGS has only been able to find maps for 58 percent of the abandoned coal mines. Ideally, the UGS would like to have a map for each abandoned coal mine in the state.

In order to complete our mine map coverage, we are asking the public to share their old maps with the UGS. The UGS would like to borrow those maps not already in the database, make a digital image of them for our records, and then return the maps to the owners.

Abandoned coal mine data and georeferenced images (XLS)
Readme file (PDF)

Those people willing to share coal mine maps with the UGS can contact Taylor Boden by phone at (801) 537-3362, or by email at taylorboden@utah.gov.