3-D Geologic Map Overlays & Virtual Geologic Field Guides

High-resolution geologic map overlays of the St. George and Panguitch 30′ x 60′ quadrangles, draped over the landscape on virtual globes such as Google Earth™, allow viewers to see geology in three dimensions.

Use tilt and zoom features, and the sliding feature transparency bar, to fly over the landscape and view the dramatic relationship between geology and topography from any angle and at any scale. Click anywhere on the map to learn about geologic rock formations.

The virtual geologic field guides are KMZ file “tours” that highlight dozens of unique and interesting geologic features within each 30′ x 60′ quadrangle. Each tour can run automatically. Highlight the Virtual Field Guide place name in the Google Earth™ “Places” sidebar, and then click the “Play Tour” button. Use the tour navigation tools to pause and read feature descriptions and figure captions, or simply skip from one point of interest to another by clicking on any tour location on the map, or in the “Places” sidebar.

Each geologic tour stop contains short, nontechnical descriptions of select geologic features that show appreciation of the regional geology, but do not present that story in an orderly manner; they are individual vignettes intended to spark curiosity. More detailed information on the geology of these areas, including citations for technical information presented here, is available in the reports that accompany the Geologic Map of the St. George 30′ x 60′ Quadrangle and the Geologic Map of the Panguitch 30′ x 60′ Quadrangle.

Read the introduction on the first stop in each field guide to set the stage for your virtual field trip. The latest version of Google Earth™ or another virtual globe program supporting KMZ files must be installed on your computer to use these files.

View St. George Field Guide

View St. George Field Guide