Interim Geologic Map of the Cedar City NW Quadrangle, Iron County, Utah

By: Tyler R. Knudsen and Robert F. Biek

The Cedar City NW quadrangle includes the southwestern part of Cedar Valley and parts of the adjacent Eightmile Hills and Granite Mountain in Iron County, Utah. Exposed strata range from the Jurassic Temple Cap Formation to Oligocene-age quartz monzonite of the Granite Mountain laccolith. Emplacement of the Granite Mountain and Three Peaks laccoliths was controlled by the east-verging Sevier-age Iron Springs Gap thrust fault. Replacement manetite-hematite ore bodies in the Co-op Creek Limestone Member exist locally along the margins of the laccoliths and have made the Iron Springs mining district the largest iron-producing district in the western U.S. In the Eightmile Hills, regional ash-flow tuffs are locally involved in a large gravity slide shed off the Granite Mountain laccolith. Earth fissures related to groundwater overdraft of the Cedar Valley aquifer and resultant land subsidence have formed north and west of Quichapa Lake.

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