Interim Geologic Map of the Cedar City 7.5-Minute Quadrangle, Iron County, Utah

By: Tyler R. Knudsen

The Cedar City 7.5′ quadrangle is roughly centered on the rapidly-growing community of Cedar City in Iron County, Utah. It straddles the boundary between the Basin and Range and Colorado Plateau physiographic provinces, which at the latitude of the quadrangle, is defined by the north-south-trending Hurricane fault. The eastern half of the quadrangle encroaches on the western margin of the Markagunt Plateau (Colorado Plateau). Rocks there are mostly Mesozoic in age, and have been moderately to highly deformed by Sevier-age thrusting and folding and by later basin-and-range-style normal faulting. The western half of the quadrangle lies in Cedar Valley, a typical Basin and Range basin filled with hundreds to thousands of feet of unconsolidated basin-fill sediments and basaltic lava flows.

This CD contains two plates-a geologic map at 1:24,000 scale and an explanation plate-and a 20-page booklet, all in PDF format. The latest version of Adobe Reader is required to view the PDF files.