Destructive Landslide Turned into Tranquil Geologic Park

The Springhill landslide site has been turned into the new Springhill Geologic Park by the City of North Salt Lake.

In 2012, the city was awarded a matching-fund Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Pre-Disaster Mitigation Grant to buy and demolish homes and turn the landslide site into an open-space park.

The Utah Geological Survey provided landslide activity data for the grant application including the collection of location data from 32 monitoring points on a monthly basis from May 5, 2011 until August 1, 2011, and mapping of geomorphic landslide features indicating ground deformation.

The new park was created after 12 homes were demolished and grading had leveled the lots, roadways were removed, and a drainage system was constructed to collect surface and spring water for transport to existing storm drains.

The Utah Geological Survey will continue monitoring landslide activity, but less frequently (based on landslide conditions) than in the past.

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