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Riverdale landslide now just 6.5′ from home

RIVERDALE, Utah (News4Utah) Some Riverdale homes are closer than ever to falling off the edge of a steep bluff. New measurements taken this week show it’s likely to happen sooner rather than later.


Watch: Landslide overcomes Highway 95 in northern Idaho: ‘That was insane’

Three minutes after road crews in northern Idaho closed down Highway 95, a massive landslide took over the road.


Today in science: Bingham Canyon landslide

April 10, 2013. On this date – four years ago today – a towering wall of dirt and rocks gave way and crashed down the side of Bingham Canyon mine in Utah. The landslide was one of the largest in the history of North America. University of Utah researchers later reported that the landslide – which moved at an average of almost 70 mph (113 kph) and reached estimated speeds of at least 100 mph (160 kph).


Largest landslide in the world rocked ancient Utah, researchers say

PANGUITCH — Imagine a landslide involving a sheet of rock about 1 mile thick and larger than the entire state of Rhode Island traveling across the landscape at speeds up to 200 mph.


Cataclysmic landslide created ‘flat and tranquil’ valley enjoyed today in Zion National Park

The Sentinel, a sandstone formation on Zion Canyon’s western wall, was once much larger.


As North Salt Lake landslide creeps, litigants dicker while barrier waits

NORTH SALT LAKE — A thicket of litigation spawned by a 2014 landslide is scheduled to enter arbitration hearings in June, which North Salt Lake Mayor Len Arave hopes will pave the way for construction of an earthen bulwark intended to slow or stop the ground movement.


North Salt Lake Landslide Is Still Sliding; City Seeks Solutions

The Eaglepointe landslide is still sliding and North Salt Lake city leaders are still trying to find a solution.


Landslide Inventory Map of The Sixmile Canyon and North Hollow Area, Sanpete County, Utah

M-273DM CD Cover

Landslide Inventory Map of The Sixmile Canyon and North Hollow Area, Sanpete County, Utah

By: Gregg S. Beukelman, Ben A. Erickson, and Richard E. Giraud

This map represents a landslide inventory of part of the Sixmile Canyon and North Hollow area, Sanpete County, Utah, at a scale of 1:24,000. The map covers 42 square miles on the west side of the Wasatch Plateau and includes parts of the Sixmile Creek and North Hollow-Twelvemile Creek Hydrologic Units. The map and accompanying geodatabase show and characterize landslides and provide information useful for managing landslide-related issues. Spatial and tabular data for each landslide are stored in the geodatabase and linked to the inventory map. Landslide information in the geodatabase includes: area, material type, movement type, landslide deposit name, landslide source name, movement activity, thickness, movement direction, approximate movement, dates, geologic unit(s) associated with landsliding, confidence in mapped boundaries, mapper, peer reviewer, and general comments. This CD contains geographic information system (GIS) files in ESRI file geodatabase and shapefile formats. Specialized GIS software is required to use the GIS files.


Worst rockfalls, landslides in Zion National Park

A large rockfall recently closed state Route 9 in Zion National Park, prompting us to take a look back at the worst rockfalls and landslides in the park’s history.