Moab dinosaur tracks found vandalized

Authorities are looking for a vandal after a set of dinosaur tracks northeast of Moab, Utah was found filled with plaster.


Red Fleet State Park – Good 4 Utah Road Tour

Good 4 Utah’s Adam Carroll visited Red Fleet State Park, just seven miles north of Vernal in Uintah County.
Called a “mini Lake Powell” by locals, the park’s lake winds through red cliffs, similar to those found at Lake Powell.
Many people don’t go for just the lake. People can hike, swim or canoe over to 200 million year old dinosaur tracks.
Check out the report above to learn more about the dino tracks at the park.


Tropical climate extremes kept dinosaurs at bay, study says

Intense heat. Drought. Wildly extreme weather accompanied by wildfires.

Those climate factors are enough to keep even the most hardy of creatures from settling in, even the gargantuan, plant-eating dinosaurs that roamed the earth more than 200 million years ago.