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What Could Live in a Real Jurassic World? A Chickenosaurus

nationalgeographic.com More than two decades after dinosaurs crashed the electric fences in Jurassic Park, the fourth installment in the series—Jurassic World—has once again delivered hapless tourists to the claws and jaws of genetically engineered monsters. But even though everyone knows this is science fiction, headlines and high-profile articles about de-extinction have let fiction stalk a […]

About Utah: A tale of 2 cameras

deseretnews.com A Colorado River ferry operator named Arthur Chaffin created quite a stir more than half-a-century ago in 1949 when, armed solely with his camera, he set off from his cabin in Hite to a remote place in the Utah outback he’d known about for years he called Mushroom Valley. READ MORE


The Geology Of Canyonlands National Park

nationalparkstraveler.com Baked by time like some multi-layer geologic tort, Canyonlands National Park in southeastern Utah features a landscape cut by canyons, rumpled by upthrusts, dimpled by grabens, and even pockmarked, some believe, by ancient asteroids. READ MORE