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Ankylosaurs Slurped Food With Powerful Tongues

nationalgeographic.com Over eight decades ago, while pondering the heavily-armored dinosaur Scolosaurus, the eccentric paleontologist Franz Nopcsa proposed what is probably one of the oddest ideas in the annals of paleobiological speculation. Scolosaurus was a low-slung quadruped that shuffled around what were then thought to be parched sand dunes. Even though its close ankylosaurian relatives had […]

A Fossil Snake With Four Legs

nationalgeographic.com Snakes can famously disarticulate their jaws, and open their mouths to extreme widths. David Martill from the University of Portsmouth did his best impression of this trick while walking through the Bürgermeister Müller Museum in Solnhofen, Germany. He was pointing out the museum’s fossils to a group of students. “And then my jaw just dropped,” […]

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Red Fleet State Park – Good 4 Utah Road Tour

good4utah.com Good 4 Utah’s Adam Carroll visited Red Fleet State Park, just seven miles north of Vernal in Uintah County. Called a “mini Lake Powell” by locals, the park’s lake winds through red cliffs, similar to those found at Lake Powell. Many people don’t go for just the lake. People can hike, swim or canoe […]