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GEOLOGIC MAP OF THE KELTON PASS QUADRANGLE, BOX ELDER COUNTY, UTAH, AND CASSIA COUNTY, IDAHO Michael L. Wells The Kelton Pass quadrangle, located at the east end of the Raft River Mountains, is a classic metamorphic core complex, in part exemplified by the Raft River detachment fault. The area contains Archean metamorphic, Proterozoic metasedimentary, and […]


PROVISIONAL GEOLOGIC MAP OF THE TINTIC MOUNTAIN QUADRANGLE, JUAB AND UTAH COUNTIES, UTAH Jeffrey D. Keith, David G. Tingey, Judith L. Hannah, Steven T. Nelson, Daniel K. Moore, Teresa M. Cannan, Alexander P. MacBeth, and Tamalyn Pulsifer 15 p., 1 pl., 1:24,000 OFR-545……….$9.95 GET IT HERE


PROVISIONAL GEOLOGIC MAP OF THE CHAMPLIN PEAK QUADRANGLE, JUAB AND MILLARD COUNTIES, UTAH Janice M. Hayden, Timothy F. Lawton, and Donald L. Clark The Champlin Peak quardrangle is located in central Utah within the eastern Basin and Range Province, and includes the northern Canyon Mountains, southeastern Gilson Mountains, and Sevier and Leamington Canyons. The map […]


WETLANDS IN THE FARMINGTON BAY AREA, DAVIS COUNTY, UTAH- AN EVALUATION OF THREATS POSED BY GROUND-WATER DEVELOPMENT AND DROUGHT Charles E. Bishop, Mike Lowe, Janae Wallace, Richard L. Emerson, and J. Scott Horn This CD contains a 36-page report of an evaluation by the Utah Geological Survey of threats to the Farmington Bay area wetlands […]


Applicability of carbon dioxide enhanced oil recovery to reservoirs in the Uinta Basin, Utah Zhiqiang Gu and Milind Deo This Open-File Report presents the results of compositional simulations of CO2 floods of the Monument Butte Northeast unit and the Glen Bench field. Both fields produce oil from the Tertiary Green River Formation and both are […]


RESERVOIR CHARACTERIZATION OF CLASTIC CYCLE SEQUENCES IN THE PARADOX FORMATION OF THE HERMOSA GROUP, PARADOX BASIN, UTAH Bruce D. Trudgill and W. Curtis Arbuckle This extensive report includes maps and correlations of the evaporite facies within the Pennsylvanian Paradox Formation throughout the northern Paradox Basin. This includes correlation of individual evaporite cycles and their respective […]


MULTIPROXY ENVIRONMENTAL CHARACTERIZATION OF LAKE LEVEL CYCLES IN THE GREEN RIVER FORMATION OF UTAH AND COLORADO Jessica H. Whiteside and Marc A. Van Keuren The Eocene Green River Formation represents the largest unconventional petroleum resource in Utah. While oil shale has figured prominently in the literature for the past century, surprisingly little basic knowledge of […]

New Estimates of Utah’s Potential Oil Shale Resource Released

According to a new study just released by the Utah Geological Survey (UGS), Utah’s potential economic oil-shale resource equals approximately 77 billion barrels of shale oil. While the estimate is considerably smaller than numbers frequently quoted, it is still deserving of attention. “A domestic resource of this size is very significant; a conventional field with […]