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COMPILATION OF 1970s WOODWARD-LUNDGREN & ASSOCIATES WASATCH FAULT INVESTIGATION REPORTS AND OBLIQUE AERIAL PHOTOGRAPHY, WASATCH FRONT AND CACHE VALLEY, UTAH AND IDAHO Steve D. Bowman, Keith Beisner, and Corey Unger This nine DVD set contains a descriptive 3-page report and digital files created from the Wasatch fault investigation project performed for the Utah Geological and […]

Rock Fall in Provo, April 11, 2009

Around 11:30 a.m. on April 11, 2009, a rock fall impacted the area of 1500 North and 1550 East in Provo, Utah. One rock-fall boulder damaged the outside of a playhouse located at 1522 North 1550 East, and another, larger boulder severely damaged a vacant house at 1496 North 1550 East. The April 11, 2009 rock […]

MAP 234

GEOLOGIC MAP OF THE WEST MOUNTAIN QUADRANGLE, UTAH COUNTY, UTAH Donald L. Clark The West Mountain quadrangle covers West Mountain and parts of Utah and Goshen Valleys along the Interstate 15 corridor.  Improvements were made to the bedrock structure and stratigraphy, and to mapping of Quaternary surficial deposits.  The mountain consists of folded and faulted […]


GEOLOGIC MAP OF PART OF THE LEES FERRY AREA, GLEN CANYON NATIONAL RECREATION AREA, COCONINO COUNTY, ARIZONA D.A. Phoenix This CD contains a digital dataset of a geologic map of the Lees Ferry area, Arizona, and is one of several maps that together provide complete GIS geologic map coverage of Glen Canyon National Recreation Area. […]


GEOLOGIC MAP OF THE KELTON PASS QUADRANGLE, BOX ELDER COUNTY, UTAH, AND CASSIA COUNTY, IDAHO Michael L. Wells The Kelton Pass quadrangle, located at the east end of the Raft River Mountains, is a classic metamorphic core complex, in part exemplified by the Raft River detachment fault. The area contains Archean metamorphic, Proterozoic metasedimentary, and […]


PROVISIONAL GEOLOGIC MAP OF THE TINTIC MOUNTAIN QUADRANGLE, JUAB AND UTAH COUNTIES, UTAH Jeffrey D. Keith, David G. Tingey, Judith L. Hannah, Steven T. Nelson, Daniel K. Moore, Teresa M. Cannan, Alexander P. MacBeth, and Tamalyn Pulsifer 15 p., 1 pl., 1:24,000 OFR-545……….$9.95 GET IT HERE


PROVISIONAL GEOLOGIC MAP OF THE CHAMPLIN PEAK QUADRANGLE, JUAB AND MILLARD COUNTIES, UTAH Janice M. Hayden, Timothy F. Lawton, and Donald L. Clark The Champlin Peak quardrangle is located in central Utah within the eastern Basin and Range Province, and includes the northern Canyon Mountains, southeastern Gilson Mountains, and Sevier and Leamington Canyons. The map […]


WETLANDS IN THE FARMINGTON BAY AREA, DAVIS COUNTY, UTAH- AN EVALUATION OF THREATS POSED BY GROUND-WATER DEVELOPMENT AND DROUGHT Charles E. Bishop, Mike Lowe, Janae Wallace, Richard L. Emerson, and J. Scott Horn This CD contains a 36-page report of an evaluation by the Utah Geological Survey of threats to the Farmington Bay area wetlands […]