Southern Utah Regional Office

Southern Utah UGS Regional Office

The Utah Geological Survey’s Southern Utah Regional Office is located in Cedar City and serves Washington, Iron, Beaver, Garfield, Wayne, Piute, and Kane Counties.

In response to rapid growth in the area, the office’s principal focus is on geologic-hazards, water-resource projects, mineral and energy resource evaluations, and providing assistance to cities, towns, counties and other local government agencies on issues or projects where geology is a concern.

The office also provides a local contact for those interested in additional UGS information and services including paleontological resources, geologic mapping, teacher/educational outreach, geologic databases, and map and publication availability.


The Utah Geological Survey is an applied scientific agency that creates, interprets, and provides information about Utah’s geologic environment, resources, and hazards to promote safe, beneficial, and wise use of land.

Strong emphasis is placed on outreach. The Utah Geological Survey is committed to cooperation with local, state, and federal agencies, universities, industry, and private groups to promote economic development and public safety in Utah.

By providing timely geologic information in an understandable format, the Utah Geological Survey helps make Utah’s decision makers and the public more knowledgeable about natural-resource issues facing the state.


  • Conduct geologic investigations to provide information necessary for prudent land-use decisions.
  • Identify, inventory, access, and report on geologic hazards; respond to geologic emergencies.
  • Provide a local contact for UGS information and services including: mineral and energy resources, geologic hazards, paleontological resources, water-resource studies, geologic mapping, teacher/educational outreach, geologic databases, and map and publication sales.
  • Work actively with local, state, and federal agencies; industry; and the public to promote greater understanding and use of geologic information and UGS programs and products.


  • Respond to public, industry, and government inquiries.
  • Perform site evaluations for critical public facilities.
  • Respond to geologic emergencies.
  • Review geologic reports for municipalities and counties.
  • Participate in local and regional planning efforts.
  • Provide a local contact for UGS programs, information, and products.

Contact Information

  • Lance Weaver, Information Outreach. Geologist, Application Developer 435.590.0344
  • Tyler Knudsen, Hazards Mapping/Paleoseismology. Professional Geologist (PG), 435.865.9036


646 North Main Street
Cedar City, UT 84721
435.865.9036, Fax 435.865.9037