A wind of change is blowing through South Weber, possibly bringing with it clean energy and a tax profit for the city.

South Weber Winds, a locally owned firm, wants to develop a $30 million wind farm in South Weber at the mouth of Weber Canyon, using a portion of the electricity generated by the turbines to power the cities of South Weber and Uintah. The remaining energy generated would then be sold.

Scott Casas, co-owner of the company with Reuel Alder, is to appear before the South Weber City Council tonight requesting an exclusive license from the city to develop the project at the mouth of Weber Canyon. The meeting is at 7 p.m. at South Weber City Hall, 1600 E. South Weber Drive.

“We’re also interested to see if the city would like partial ownership (in the wind farm),” said Casas, who compared it to how Spanish Fork owns land where a nine-turbine wind farm in that city is located.

Mayor Jeff Monroe said Monday he didn’t yet have a lot of information about the wind farm proposal, but the mayor stressed he wants to keep an open mind.

One factor that will have to be taken into consideration, Monroe said, is the look of the project and whether residents would approve having it within their view.

“I’m not sure how that is going to look,” Monroe said. “My eyes will either be opened, or I will be going, ‘Oh, my heck.’ ”