Renovation Solutions: How to protect your hillside home against landslides

Another weekend gone by, and September on the horizon! Who got out into some cool geology this last weekend? Here’s an article for your Monday morning. While we cannot always avoid natural hazards and disasters, we can prepare to the best of our abilities. Check out this read for tips on reducing landslide risks around your home.

At the beginning of this month, a landslide in North Salt Lake destroyed one home and caused 27 others to be evacuated. People are rightly concerned about protecting their homes from disasters such as this. When things like this happen, we are all reminded that Utah is not immune to natural disasters. While we would drive ourselves crazy if we thought about the possibility of landslides and earthquakes every day, it is important to not live in complete denial either. We need to understand the risks and know what we can do to protect our homes against potential damage as best we can.