New Publications: OFR-613, OFR- 616, and OFR-617

Structural architecture of the Confusion Range, west-central Utah: a Sevier fold-thrust belt and frontier petroleum province

By: David C. Greene and Donna M. Herring

This report (22p., 6pl.) describes the structural geology and petroleum potential of the Confusion Range in west central Utah. Four new balanced and retrodeformable cross sections across the range and adjacent Tule Valley are presented, and support interpretation of the Confusion Range as an east-vergent, fold thrust belt formed during the Sevier Orogeny.

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Ar/39Ar Geochronology results for the Allens Ranch and Boulter Peak quadrangles, Utah

OFR-616, Web only

 Whole-rock Geochemical data for the Allens Ranch, Boulter Peak, and Goshen quadrangles, Utah, by Adam P. McKean, Eric H. Christiansen, Tara Allen, and Bart J. Kowallis, 9 p., OFR-617, Web only