National Fossil Day is TOMORROW!

Hey everyone! Tomorrow, Wednesday, October 14th, is the 6th annual National Fossil Day! Follow the National Fossil Day Facebook page for information and events HERE.

A message from the American Geosciences Institute—

“You are invited to join in celebration of the 6th Annual National Fossil Day on Wednesday, October 14, 2015.  National Fossil Day is organized by the National Park Service as part of AGI’s Earth Science Week to promote public awareness and stewardship of fossils, with the goal of inspiring the next generation of paleontologists and fossil enthusiasts.

On National Fossil Day, scientists and park rangers will share fossil discoveries at special events nationwide and explain the importance of preserving fossils for future generations. National Fossil Day resources and activities celebrate the scientific and educational value of fossils, paleontology, and the importance of preserving fossils for future generations…”

Find more National Fossil Day information HERE!