Half mammal, half reptile discovery huge for Utah

SALT LAKE CITY — It may have weighed only 2 1/2 pounds and stood about 6 inches tall, but the discovery of a half mammal, half reptile’s skull in eastern Utah has huge implications for geologic timelines.


‘Primitive and weird’ fossil looks like a tulip

A new study details the only fossilized specimen of a species previously unknown to science—an “obscure” stalked filter feeder.


Man excavating Utahraptor herd turns to public for donations

LEHI — Scott Madsen has been working on one particular job for more than 15 years.

He’s had a long career as an expert in preparing fossils. His work is exceptionally delicate and he often spends hours at a time peering through a microscope, peeling back layers of rock one layer at a time.


The Mammoth Pirates

With the sale of elephant tusks under close scrutiny, “ethical ivory” from the extinct woolly mammoth is now feeding an insatiable market in China.


New Lenox paleontologist creating 3-D maps of historic Jurassic site

A historic dinosaur site is getting a second look – and possibly a second hypothesis of how the bones got there.


148 million years later, the Cleveland-Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry in Utah remains a cold case (with video)

Cleveland-Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry • About 148 million years have passed since dozens of corpses of meat-eating dinosaurs were deposited here, just north of the San Rafael Swell and about 30 miles southeast of Price.


99-Million-Year-Old Bird Wings Found Encased in Amber

Finding things trapped in amber is far from a rare occurrence: lizards, bugs, flowers and more are regularly found encased in hardened lumps of the tree resin. But when a group of researchers digging through amber mined in Burma uncovered a sample with a pair of tiny bird-like wings frozen inside, they knew they had something special. At around 99 million years old, these wings are some of the most pristine fossilized feathers ever found.


VIDEO: Why You Should Know This Prolific Princess of Paleontology

Mary Anning was a 19th-century working-class woman from Dorset with no formal education. She became one of the most celebrated fossil collectors in history. (3:48)


New Droopy Dinosaur Hung Its Head Like an Enormous Eeyore

Heading in the right direction—scientists unearth a titanosaur skull that’s lending a lot of insight on these large dinosaurs.

The largest dinosaurs of all time had a bad habit of losing their heads. When a titanosaur died, its small skull often wound up far from its massive body, making it hard for paleontologists to track down an animal’s noggin millions of years later.


Can you dig it? Trilobite fossils wait to be uncovered at Utah quarry

Looking out over the landscape today, a visitor might be hard-pressed to conjure up images of the vast ocean that once spread across the region