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It was one of the biggest, scariest dinosaurs that ever roamed the Earth, a giant predator that prowled Europe millions of years ago.


The dino track recently stolen from Moab is not alone in the vandalism that happens in the area. The BLM is working to prevent theft and other vandalism from ruining the fossils and tracks in Moab. You can help in these efforts too!


A dinosaur footprint, millions of years old, was stolen from southern Utah, and there still aren’t any suspects.


Insect fossils in core retrieved from Green River Formation, Utah
Photographer: Michael Vanden Berg; © 2011

Insect fossils preserved in core retrieved from the lake-deposited Green River Formation.


Come join Dr. Alan Titus as he gives a personal introduction of Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument’s newest dinosaur on Friday, February 7, at the GSENM Kanab Visitor Center starting at 7 p.m. The presentation is free and open to the public.


Wellsville Mountains, Cache County, Utah
Photographer: Stefan Kirby

Cephalopod fossil in the Mississippian-age Great Blue Limestone along the crest of the Wellsville Mountains, Cache County.

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UFOP is a statewide non-profit volunteer organization dedicated to preserving Utah’s fossil resources through public education and volunteer support of sponsoring institutions. Visit the new website at www.utahpaleo.org/index.html


Two Kansas fossil hunters say they think they found something new while digging in Montana.

Jim Kirkland, a state paleontologist at the Utah Geological Survey, has examined photos of the fossil that Robert and Alan Detrich are uncovering and said it looks like a new type of ankylosaur. The low-slung heavily armored dinosaurs lived around 65 million years ago and munched on plants.

“This thing is worthy of note. There is no doubt about it,” said Kirkland, who specializes in ankylosaurs. “In my mind it’s clearly a new one.”

The brothers have been digging since May in a fossil-rich area near the town of Jordan. They’ve uncovered the ankylosaur fossil’s skull, part of its leg, ribs, armored plates and some vertebrae.



Salt Lake Tribune

Jeff and Denise Roberts love to roam the hills south of Richfield, sleuthing for fossils and ancient artifacts. During one of those trips several years ago, the couple found fossilized jaw bones so small they can sit on a penny.
The significance of those puny jaws outweighs their size: Paleontologists say they shed light on an era in Utah 8 million years ago that has produced few fossils, unlike the huge dinosaur bones from earlier periods that have made the state a paleontology treasure trove.
The Roberts reported their find to state experts, who determined the fossils came from two heretofore unknown species of rodents related to modern deer and pocket mice. In their honor, the species related to the deer mouse was named Basirepomys robertsi , while the other species was named Metaliomys sevierensis for the formation in Sevier County where the fossils were found.



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Carole McCalla and Sandy Eldredge

Fossils – remains, traces, or imprints of past plant and animal life – are widely found throughout Utah. Depending on land ownership, some fossils can be collected for personal non-commercial use.

However, vertebrate fossils (see description below) may not be collected on any federal or state lands.

Whether you can keep a fossil or not depends on
1. the type of fossil, and
2. who owns or manages the land where the fossil was found.