Little Grand Canyon, Wedge Overlook, and Buckhorn Draw Scenic Backway, San Rafael Swell, Emery County, Utah

Did you know Utah has its very own version of the Grand Canyon? Nicknamed the “Little Grand Canyon,” it is the deepest part of the San Rafael River canyon located directly beneath the Wedge Overlook (Overlook) in the San Rafael Swell (Swell). Looking downriver from the Overlook, you can see where Buckhorn Draw—a narrow, winding canyon walled in by scenic sandstone cliffs—meets the San Rafael River canyon.

View down canyon from the Wedge Overlook into the Little Grand Canyon shows the colorful cliff- and slope-forming rock layers. Assembly Hall and Window Blind Peaks can be seen in the distance near the mouth of Buckhorn Draw, which enters from the left (north).

Located in the northern portion of the Swell, numerous viewpoints along the dramatic Overlook provide stunning views of varied landforms sculpted mainly in multi-colored sandstone formations. Directly beneath the Overlook is a shear drop off of 1,200 feet to the San Rafael River’s deeply cut Little Grand Canyon. Panoramic vistas reveal the river winding its way through canyons of changing widths, surrounded by multi-layered cliffs, buttes, domes, and spires.