Interim Geologic Map of the Enoch Quadrangle, Iron County, Utah

By: Tyler R. Knudsen

The Enoch quadrangle, in eastern Iron County, Utah, includes the northeastern part of Cedar Valley and parts of the adjacent Red Hills. The Red Hills-structurally consisting of an elevated, fault-bounded horst block-expose the upper parts of the Tertiary Claron Formation as well as a chaotic mass of Miocene and Oligocene volcanic rocks that may be part of the Markagunt Megabreccia that is widely exposed on the central and northern Markagunt Plateau to the east. Basaltic andesite flows cover large parts of the North Hills in the northeastern part of the quadrangle. Earth fissures related to groundwater overdraft of the Cedar Valley aquifer and resultant land subsidence have formed along parts of the eastern and western margins of the Enoch graben.

This CD contains two plates-a geologic map at 1:24,000 scale and an explanation plate-and a 12-page booklet, all in PDF Format. The latest version of Adobe Reader is required to view the PDF files.