Hazard Information and Maps

Geologic hazard information and maps can help Utahns make informed decisions about property, life safety, and financial risk. The UGS routinely investigates geologic hazards in Utah and publishes a variety of reports, maps, and digital data to help reduce the risk from geologic hazards.

Hazards Publications and Maps

Open File Report #667

Earthquake Database for Utah Geological Survey Map 277: Utah Earthquakes (1850-2016) and Quaternary Faults

Special Study #159

Paleoseismology of Utah, v. 28 – Holocene surface-faulting earthquakes at the Spring lake and North Creek sites on the Nephi segment of the Wasatch fault zone: evidence for complex rupture of the Nephi segment

Special Study #163

Geologic Hazards of the Tickville Spring quadrangle, Salt Lake and Utah Counties, Utah

Map #277

Utah Earthquakes (1850-2016) and Quaternary Faults

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Hazards Articles

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Resources for Consultants and Design Professionals

Comprehensive geologic hazard investigation, report, and review guidelines for planning, zoning, and new infrastructure projects developed by the Utah Geological Survey that have been reviewed by professional experts.

Hazard Preparedness - The Be Ready Utah Program

Be Ready Utah is the official State of Utah emergency preparedness campaign.  Personal, family, and community preparedness is the key to survival in and recovering from emergencies and disasters. Increasing preparedness statewide is our goal.

Utah State Hazard Mitigation Plan

The Utah State Hazard Mitigation Plan is a collaborative effort between federal, state, and local agencies and the State Hazard Mitigation Team to evaluate the risks from significant hazards present in Utah and provide possible mitigation strategies.