Resources for Consultants and Design Professionals

These resources are non-comprehensive and available to assist those involved with geotechnical, geologic-hazards, and other land-use investigations in Utah.

Recommended Geologic Hazard Report Guidelines

Current Guidelines

Although these guidelines have been replaced with those in Circular 128, some ordinances still reflect these older guidelines.

Engineering Geology Reports

Hazards Ordinances

Surface Fault Rupture


Debris Flows

School Sites

A brief list of non-Utah Geological Survey publications that contain background information and investigation techniques about geologic hazards and geotechnical engineering for professionals practicing in Utah. Links to digital copies in the public domain are provided where available.

Field Methods

General Geologic Hazards

Earthquakes and Surface Fault Rupture

Geotechnical Engineering



Slope Stability/Rock Mechanics

  • Hoek, E., 2006, Practical rock engineering: North Vancouver, British Columbia, Evert Hoek Consulting Engineer, Inc., variously paginated.

Soil Mechanics

  • Naval Facilities Engineering Command, 1986, Soil Mechanics, Design Manual 7.01: Naval Facilities Engineering Command, variously paginated.

Wasatch Fault Geologic Maps and Publications

Useful Geologic Hazard and Geotechnical Websites

Outside sources of information related to geologic hazards in Utah. This list is not exhaustive and does not constitute an endorsement by the UGS.