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Public Interest Articles

What are minerals used for? MInerals 2002
Red beryl = What gemstone is found in Utah that is rarer than diamond and more valuable than gold? Minerals 2002
New Utah Minerals: Juanitaite and Dickthomssenite Minerals 2002
Too Many Wells — or Too Few Water 2002
Renaissance in Oil Shale Leasing on State Lands Oil Shale 2002
Growing importance of coalbed gas in Utah Energy 2002
Utah’s Petroleum Industry Posts Banner Year in 2001 Oil and Gas 2002
Dugway Geode Beds, Juab County Rocks and Minerals 2000
How can I stake a mining claim? Rocks and Minerals 2000
New Utah Minerals: Utahite, Juabite, and Blatonite Minerals 2000
Metalliferous Resources of Utah Resources 1999
Large Mine Permits in Utah Mining 1999
Small Mine Permits in Utah Mining 1999
Bixbyite, Rutile, and Amethyst Crystals near Marysvale, Piute County Rocks and Minerals 1998
What are “colloidal mineral supplements” and where do they come from? Minerals 1998
Large Mine Permits and Plants in Utah Maps 1998
Agate, chert, jasper, and petrified wood, Wayne County Rocks and Minerals 1997
Smokey Quartz and Feldspar Crystals at Rock Corral Canyon in the Mineral Mountains, Beaver County Rocks and Minerals 1997
Brine properties, mineral extraction industries, and salt load of Great Salt Lake, Utah (pdf) Great Salt Lake 1997
New Utah Minerals: Frankhawthorneite, Jensenite, and Leisingite Minerals 1997
Gypsum sand near Knolls, Tooele County Rocks and Minerals 1996
Total Thickness of Coal Within the John Henry Member of the Straight Cliffs Formation Kaiparowits Coal Field, Utah Coal 1996
Topaz and other minerals found at Topaz Mountain, Juab County Rocks and Minerals 1995
Utah’s State Symbols Rocks and Minerals 1995
New Utah Minerals: Mcalpineite Minerals 1995
Oil and Gas in Summit County, Utah Oil and Gas 1995
New Utah Minerals: Cannonite, Fangite, Gillulyite, and Tooeleite Minerals 1994
Oil and Gas Pipeline Map of Utah Maps 1994
Utah Stone Rocks and Minerals 1993
Geologic Resources of Washington County Resources 1993
Geologic Resources of San Juan County, Utah Resources 1992
Permitted Mine Locations and Mineral Processing Plants in Utah Mining 1991
Geologic Resources of Salt Lake County, Utah Resources 1990
Geologic Resources of Summit County, Utah Resources 1990

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