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The Energy & Minerals Program provides geologic information to government, industry, and individuals to encourage and aid in the prudent development of the state’s mineral and energy resources. These reports also inventory, document, and research Utah’s abundant mineral and energy resources and supplement the Utah Core Research Center.

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Are Ownership and Production Patterns of Utah Petroleum Resources Related? Oil and Gas 2013
Liquid-rich Shale Potential of the Uinta and Paradox Basins Oil Shale 2013
New UGS study to determine what best to do with water produced from gas fields in the Uinta Basin Gas 2013
Utah Oil and Gas: a rich history, a powerful future (updated 2013) Oil and Gas 2013
A Longer Term View of the Results of U.S. Energy Policy Energy 2012
Hydraulic fracturing and shale gas Oil and Gas 2012
Utah’s Gordon Creek Field to Test Commercial-Scale Storage of Carbon Dioxide CO2 Sequestration 2012
Northwest Utah—Could it be Utah’s Newest Energy Hotspot? Energy 2012
UGS Explores for New Geothermal Resources in Utah Geothermal Energy 2011
Natural Buttes Field – Utah’s “tight” sandstone gas storehouse Oil and Gas 2011
Utah Shales May Contain The “Right Stuff”—Natural Gas Natural Gas 2011
The Mercur District: A History of Utah’s Top Gold Camp Minerals 2010
Uranium – Fuel for the 21st Century? Mining 2010
Saline Water Disposal in the Uinta Basin, Utah: Protecting fresh water while allowing for increased hydrocarbon production Hydrocarbons 2010
Major Oil Plays in Utah and Vicinity Oil and Gas 2010
Legislative Directives to the Utah State Energy Program 2009 Energy 2010
Carbon Dioxide Sequestration Demonstration Project Underway in Utah! CO2 Sequestration 2009
Utah’s Renewable Energy Zone Assessment Renewable Energy 2009
Evaluating Utah’s Oil Shale Resource Oil Shale 2009
Utah's Energy Landscape Energy 2009
Ancient Exhumed River Channels of the Morrison and Cedar Mountain Formations Geologic History 2008
A New Uranium Boom? Mining 2008
Energy Codes Training Energy 2008
Geothermal Energy Development in Utah Geothermal Energy 2008
Race to ore: the beginnings of open-pit copper mining, a century of open-pit mining at Bingham Canyon Mining 2007
Taking Another Look at Utah’s Tar Sand Resources Tar Sands 2007
Open-Pit Copper Mining Mining 2007
Utah Core Research Center: Aiding Utah’s Petroleum Development Oil and Gas 2007
Tight Gas Reservoirs, Uinta Basin Oil and Gas 2007
The Status of Wind Energy Development in Utah Renewable Energy 2007
Utah Shale Oil and Gas 2007
Lisbon Valley Copper Project Mining 2006
Funding Encourages a Wide Spectrum of Research on Utah's Hydrocarbon Resources Hydrocarbons 2006
Utah Key Player in Future Oil Shale Development Oil Shale 2006
Geothermal Development in Utah - New Incentives and New Projects Geothermal Energy 2006
Increased Oil and Gas Drilling in Utah Starting to Produce Dividends Oil and Gas 2006
Utah’s Anemometer Loan Program Renewable Energy 2006
“Bubblin’ Crude” at Rozel Point, Box Elder County Great Salt Lake 2005
Deep Utah coal deposits – repositories for greenhouse gas emissions? Energy 2005
“Elephant” Discovered in Central Utah? Oil and Gas 2005
State Energy Program Energy 2005
UGS Awarded DOE Grant Oil and Gas 2004
Storing Carbon Dioxide Emissions Underground — New Projects CO2 Sequestration 2004
Gilsonite – An Unusual Utah Resource Mining 2004
New Oil and Gas Fields Map of Utah Oil and Gas 2004
Rules limiting mercury emissions Energy 2004
An Up Close and Personal View of Cherokee Oil Field Oil and Gas 2003
Leamington Cement Plant Energy 2003
Coalbed-Gas Exploration in Utah Oil and Gas 2003
Storing Carbon Dioxide Beneath the Colorado Plateau CO2 Sequestration 2003

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