Data Management Program

The Data Management Program at the Utah Geological Survey (UGS) is responsible for developing technical solutions for the UGS’s flow of data from the field to the public. As the UGS continues to collect and share more data in a digital format, the Data Management Program works with UGS staff to ensure that the data are collected, stored, and delivered in a secure, highly compatible, and efficient manner. Additionally, the Data Management Program manages the UGS website and develops web applications that assist all UGS programs, other government agencies, researchers, teachers, and the general public.


  • Develop and update interactive applications and maps online.
  • Organize, optimize, backup, and secure the data behind UGS web applications, maps, and websites.
  • Maintain the UGS website with up-to-date, scientific, and public-friendly information.
  • Assist other UGS programs on grant-funded projects that include web-related deliverables.
  • Manage and direct all UGS tabular and GIS datasets, resources, and databases.

Highlighted Projects

  • Geologic Map Portal – Interactive geologic map of Utah with unit descriptions and map downloads.
  • Utah Geologic Hazards Portal – Interactive map showing the type, location, and relative susceptibility of geologic hazards in Utah.
  • Utah Mineral Resources – Interactive map of information on Utah’s metallic and industrial mineral resources. Includes mining district information.
  • Utah Wetlands – Interactive map of statewide wetlands resources.
  • Utah Core Research Center Inventory – Interactive database of the UCRC’s inventory of geologic samples from Utah.
  • Utah FORGE – Interactive map of the Utah Frontier Observatory for Research in Geothermal Energy project.

Data Management Staff

Program Manager, Senior Geologist

Marshall Robinson

Phone: (801) 803-3898
Email: marshallrobinson@utah.gov

Marshall Robinson is a Senior Geologist and an IT and Web Manager with the Data Management Program. He graduated with a B.S. in geology in 2007 and joined the UGS in 2010. He enjoys spending his time outdoors with his family.

Geologist, Web Manager

Mackenzie Cope

Phone: (801) 386-2218
Email: mcope@utah.gov

Mackenzie is a Geologist and Web Manager with the Data Management Program at the Utah Geological Survey. She graduated with a B.S. degree in geology from Southern Utah University and joined the UGS in August 2018. Along with serving as the webmaster of the UGS website, Mackenzie helps with public inquiries, teaching kits, and outreach events.

Web Developer

Jay Hill

Phone: (801) 386-0837
Email: jayhill@utah.gov

Jay Hill is a Senior GIS Analyst and Web Developer with the UGS Data Management Program. He began working as a cartographer at the UGS in 2009 and has moved into javascript development for web maps on the UGS website. Jay received a B.S. in geography from Ohio University in 2005 and enjoys skiing and surfing with his wife and son.

GIS Manager

Martha Jensen

Phone: (801) 386-1589
Email: marthajensen@utah.gov

Martha is the GIS Manager in the Data Management Program where she designs databases and ensures that all public-facing data is compliant with our data standards. She has both a B.S. and a M.S. in Ecology and focused her studies on the spatial relationships between living organisms and their habitats. Prior to joining in 2017 the UGS, she worked on a wide variety of environmental and technical projects including the design of the GIS-based Beaver Restoration Assessment Tool, mapping the Colorado Plateau’s riparian corridor, Environmental Site Assessments, native plant and avian surveys, and Superfund site reclamation. In her free time, she likes to snowboard, garden, cook, hike, and spend time with her family.

Geologist, Lead Developer

Lance Weaver

Phone: (435) 590-0344
Email: lanceweaver@utah.gov

Lance Weaver is a Geologist and Web Application Developer with the Data Management Program at the Utah Geological Survey. Lance has been keeping geology real at the UGS since 2008. He creates geologic mapping applications, helped create and maintain the UGS website, UGS databases, and GIS resources. He also writes informative articles on Utah’s geology as well as helps with public inquiries and geologic outreach events. He does a bit of geologic tour guiding during his personal time. He is passionate about Utah’s geology and specializes in Southern Utah’s stratigraphy and paleogeography.