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By: Esther M. Kingsbury-Stewart, Paul K. Link, Carol M. Dehler, and Shannon L. Osterhout

The Kings Peak 7.5-minute quadrangle straddles the crest of the Uinta Mountains in the High Uinta Wilderness Area and contains Kings Peak, Utah’s highest point. The peaks and cliffs are comprised of the newly formalized formations of the Neoproterozoic (late Precambrian) Uinta Mountain Group, which is about 770 to 742 million years old. The basins, basin margins, and cirques are filled with glacial deposits of Smith Fork age-32,000 to 14,000 years ago (Pinedale equivalent). The quadrangle also straddles the anticline crest of the Uinta arch. A series of igneous dikes are exposed in the quadrangle. These dikes cut formations of the Uinta Mountain Group are about 450 to 490 million years old.


Dinosaurs went extinct long ago, but it is still possible to feel like you’re walking in their footsteps.


Intense heat. Drought. Wildly extreme weather accompanied by wildfires.

Those climate factors are enough to keep even the most hardy of creatures from settling in, even the gargantuan, plant-eating dinosaurs that roamed the earth more than 200 million years ago.



With the summer blockbuster “Jurassic World” opening in theaters, there’s plenty of opportunity to be entertained — or frightened — by dinosaurs.


#‎Geology‬ Fashion Forecast: Why ‪#‎dinosaurs‬ are still in this season. Did these ancient creatures invent the meaning of ‪#‎YOLO‬? Even as fossils, they continue to stand in the spotlight.

A trio of young boys recently walked around a corner in the Natural History Museum of Utah and stopped cold. In front of them stood the large skeleton of a robustly built Utahceratops, complete with three dangerous horns and a shield plate.


As any Jurassic World fan could tell you, the soft tissues of ancient animals are supposed to be some of the first things to vanish in the fossilization process. While bones and teeth can be preserved for hundreds of millions of years, protein molecules decay in a mere 4 million years, leaving behind only traces of those building blocks of life.


FOX 13 News has featured several videos of flash floods and other weather phenomenon from David Rankin over the years, but he says his latest video represents the pay off from two years of planning and waiting. The footage was shot Saturday north of Lake Powell, near Big Water, Utah.


Delicate Arch, Arches National Park, Grand County, Utah Photographer: Sonja Heuscher; © 2014

We had to turn our air conditioning on this weekend—it’s getting hot! Cool down with this photo while we thaw out our spectacular Utah Geology.

POTD 6-2-15 Delicate Arch, Arches

Delicate Arch, Arches National Park, Grand County, Utah
Photographer: Sonja Heuscher; © 2014

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They’ve been buried for tens of millions of years and now dozens of dinosaurs are being unearthed on BLM land in Utah.


In the south-central part of Utah, a 100-mile-long (161 kilometers) formation, dubbed Waterpocket Fold, has created a landscape that is not only spectacular to view but is also a geological treasure for research and study.