Utah's Energy Landscape

Did you know that Utah has the third lowest price for home-heating natural gas in the nation and Utah is one of only five states that generates electricity from geothermal sources? Utah also enjoys the second lowest industrial electricity rate in the nation.

These are just some of the interesting facts found in the Utah Geological Survey’s (UGS) newly updated Utah’s Energy Landscape – a booklet designed to assist people in becoming more familiar with Utah’s diverse energy portfolio.

“With energy use and development at the forefront of many citizens’ minds, we thought it would be important for us to update this booklet, providing valuable, balanced energy information for the state of Utah,” said Mike Vanden Berg, UGS geologist.

Other interesting facts: in 2010, the majority of energy produced in Utah was from natural gas, surpassing coal for the first time in history and Utah has been a net-exporter of energy since 1980.