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Tuesday, October 7, 2014, 6:00 PM 
Utah Department of Natural Resources Auditorium,
1594 West North Temple (enter on south side)










Joint Evening Meeting with Association of Environmental Geologists (AEG), Utah Geological Association (UGA), Utah Geological Survey (UGS)
“Geologic Remapping of the Warm Springs Fault”
presented by Adam McKean, Mapping Geologist with the UGS

The Warm Springs fault of the Wasatch fault zone is a down-to-the-west normal fault, bounding the western portion of the Salt Lake salient. Recent geologic remapping of the Salt Lake City North 7.5-minute quadrangle has provided us an opportunity to revisit the Warm Springs fault and its place within Salt Lake and Davis Counties. A draft map of the quadrangle and evidences for the Warm Springs fault location will be presented at the meeting with opportunities for open discussion, questions, and feedback. We invite the geologic and geologic engineering community and interested parties to attend the event and take part in this public comment period.

Edited By: John S. MacLean, Robert F. Biek, and Jacqueline E. Huntoon

This CD contains 35 geological papers and 2 road guides describing the geology of Utah’s Far South. The papers are arranged by topics: Geomorphology, Hydrogeology, Reservoir Properties, Statigraphy, Paleontology, Structural Geology & Volcanism, and Field Trip Road Guides. The publication also includes a memoriam to Dr. Lehi F. Hintze.


Edited By: Thomas H. Morris and Robert Ressetar

The Sections in this CD Include: Introduction, Structure, Statigraphy and Sedimentary Geology, Geologic Resources, and Field-Trip Guide

UGS-42 CD………….. $34.95