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Utah has consistently ranked high in domestic oil and gas production nationwide. The majority of hydrocarbon resources are concentrated in the Uinta Basin in northeastern Utah and the Paradox Basin in southeastern Utah. Organic-rich shale, carbonates, and evaporites accumulated over time to produce vast oil and gas resources in these areas. Utah’s geologic setting also provides world-class outcrops of every geologic eon, era, period, and epoch, providing a natural laboratory for study.

Highlighted Scientific Publications

Special Study 160

Potential Oil-Prone Areas in the Cane Creek Shale Play, Paradox Basin, Utah, Identified by Epifluorescence Microscope Techniques

Miscellaneous Publication 13-1

Outcrop Chemostratigraphic Correlation of the Upper Green River Formation in the Uinta Basin, Utah—Mahogany Oil Shale Zone to the Uinta Formation

Public Interest Articles

Potential Impacts of the Inflation Reduction Act on Carbon Capture and Storage in Utah CO2 Sequestration 2023
Assessing Geologic Carbon Sequestration Opportunities in Utah CO2 Sequestration 2022
Massive Core Donations Spurred by Low Oil Prices Core Center 2021
Utah’s Emerging Northern Paradox Basin Unconventional Oil Play Oil and Gas 2021
Impacts of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Utah’s Energy Industry Energy 2020
Covenant Oil Field in the Central Utah thrust Belt Turns 15 Years Old Oil and Gas 2020
The Benefits of Oil and Gas Production to the State of Utah and Its Citizens—How Things Work! Oil and Gas 2019
New Core, New Insights into Ancient Lake Uinta Evolution and Uinta Basin Energy Resources Oil and Gas 2019
Oil and Gas in the Uinta Basin, Utah –What to Do With the Produced Water Oil and Gas 2018
Horizontal Drilling in Utah: Can Utah Compete with Surrounding States? Oil and Gas 2018
Core Like Never Before – An Unprecedented 1600-foot Core from the Green River Formation in the Uinta Basin Core Center News 2018
Crystal Geyser, Grand County Water 2018
A Partner in the CarbonSAFE Rocky Mountains Project CO2 Sequestration 2017
Not All Megawatts Are Created Equal – An Examination of Electric Generation Capacity Factor Electricity 2017
UCRC Receives a Treasure Trove Donation of Greater Aneth Oil Field Cores Core Center News 2017
Some impacts of low oil prices on Utah Oil 2016
Cores from Central Utah’s Covenant Field – Oil-Bearing Ancient Sand Dunes Core Center News 2016
Cores from Greater Aneth Oil Field: A Trip Back in Time to Utah’s “Bahama Islands” and “Florida Keys” Core Center News 2016
Updated Map Shows Utah’s Many Oil and Gas Fields Oil and Gas 2015
Understanding Southeast Utah’s Cane Creek Oil, A Continuing Challenge Oil and Gas 2015
Development of New Markets for Uinta Basin Crude via Rail Oil 2015
Utah Hosts Petroleum Geology Convention Oil and Gas 2014
Utah still supplying gilsonite to the world after 125 years of mining Mining 2014
Frack Sand in Utah? Mining 2014
UGS Set to Publish Major Study on Potential Paleozoic Shale-Gas Resources Oil and Gas 2014
Are Ownership and Production Patterns of Utah Petroleum Resources Related? Oil and Gas 2013
Liquid-rich Shale Potential of the Uinta and Paradox Basins Oil Shale 2013
New UGS study to determine what best to do with water produced from gas fields in the Uinta Basin Gas 2013
Utah Oil and Gas: a rich history, a powerful future (updated 2013) Oil and Gas 2013
Utah’s Gordon Creek Field to Test Commercial-Scale Storage of Carbon Dioxide CO2 Sequestration 2012
Hydraulic fracturing and shale gas Oil and Gas 2012
A Longer Term View of the Results of U.S. Energy Policy Energy 2012
Northwest Utah—Could it be Utah’s Newest Energy Hotspot? Energy 2012
Natural Buttes Field – Utah’s “tight” sandstone gas storehouse Oil and Gas 2011
Utah Shales May Contain The “Right Stuff”—Natural Gas Natural Gas 2011
Saline Water Disposal in the Uinta Basin, Utah: Protecting fresh water while allowing for increased hydrocarbon production Hydrocarbons 2010
Major Oil Plays in Utah and Vicinity Oil and Gas 2010
Carbon Dioxide Sequestration Demonstration Project Underway in Utah! CO2 Sequestration 2009
Evaluating Utah’s Oil Shale Resource Oil Shale 2009
Ancient Exhumed River Channels of the Morrison and Cedar Mountain Formations Geologic History 2008
Carbon Dioxide Sequestration CO2 Sequestration 2007
Utah Core Research Center: Aiding Utah’s Petroleum Development Oil and Gas 2007
Tight Gas Reservoirs, Uinta Basin Oil and Gas 2007
Utah Shale Oil and Gas 2007
Taking Another Look at Utah’s Tar Sand Resources Tar Sands 2007
Funding Encourages a Wide Spectrum of Research on Utah's Hydrocarbon Resources Hydrocarbons 2006
Utah Key Player in Future Oil Shale Development Oil Shale 2006
Increased Oil and Gas Drilling in Utah Starting to Produce Dividends Oil and Gas 2006
“Elephant” Discovered in Central Utah? Oil and Gas 2005
“Bubblin’ Crude” at Rozel Point, Box Elder County Great Salt Lake 2005

Hydrocarbon Articles: 63


Editor’s note: This is the first in a two-part series on the rise and fall of the oil industry and its impacts on Utah.

A Gallup poll released in late February revealed Utah residents are the most positive in the nation about their state’s economic conditions.


Survey Notes v.48 no.1, January 2016

Survey Notes v.48 no.1, January 2016

Our latest issue of Survey Notes is here! Find articles on the new Ogden 30′ x 60′ geological map, the Markagunt Gravity Slide, and more among our regular feature columns.


Check out past issues of Survey Notes too!

C-119 Insert

By: Rebekah E. Wood and Thomas C. Chidsey, Jr.

This CD contains an easily viewable 1:700,000-scale map in PDF format of Utah’s oil, gas, and CO₂ fields (past and present); oil gas and CO₂ pipelines with operators; field designations; names and ages of the reservoir rocks; oil refineries and natural gas processing plants; park boundaries and other geographical attributes; and some surficial geologic features. This map is to be used for a general overview and reference for hydrocarbon resources, production, transportation, and processing in Utah. Also included are geographic information system (GIS) files in ESRI file geodatabase and shapefile formats. The latest version of Adobe Reader is required to view the PDF file.


See our news release for this publication HERE

MP 15-4 Insert Hydrocarbon Chainman Shale

By: S. Robert Bereskin, John D. McLennan, Thomas C. Chidsey, Jr., and Peter J. Nielsen

The Mississippian Chainman Shale represents a potential target for untapped oil and gas resources in western Utah and eastern Nevada. This study focuses on the lithologic, facies, petrographic, petrophysical, and geochemical characteristics of a 500-meter-thick Chainman stratigraphic section exposed in the central Confusion Range of western Millard County, Utah. A hypothetical resources assessment, which can be used for the Chainman regionally, was conducted based on the surface samples’ attributes from the study area. Hypothetical undiscovered hydrocarbons on 80-acre spacing are estimated at 270,000 barrels of oil and 1.5 billion cubic feet of gas per well.


See our news release for this publication HERE

MP 15-4 Insert Hydrocarbon Chainman Shale

A recently released study by the Utah Geological Survey (UGS), reveals untapped potential oil and gas resources in western Utah and eastern Nevada. Petroleum companies conducting oil exploration in the region can use the study to help evaluate oil and gas potential on federal and state lands, and identify possible drilling targets.

Landowners, government regulators and planners, investors, and other stakeholders will also find.

The UGS study focusses on the rock types, paleoenvironments, mechanical properties (critical for oil and gas production), and chemical characteristics of a 1500-foot-thick Chainman Shale outcrop exposed in the central Confusion Range of western Millard County. The Chainman Shale is an organic-rich geologic formation that was deposited in an ancient sea over 350 million years ago. Additionally, based on the surface samples, the study includes a hypothetical assessment of how much oil and gas the Chainman Shale may contain elsewhere in the region.

The report, UGS Miscellaneous Publication 15-4, is available for purchase in digital format (on CD) from the Utah Department of Natural Resources Map and Bookstore, 1-888-UTAHMAP, http://www.mapstore.utah.gov/. A PDF of a summary poster, which was presented during the 2013 American Association of Petroleum Geologists Rocky Mountain Section meeting in Salt Lake City, is also available on the UGS webpage: http://geology.utah.gov/docs/pdf/chainman_poster_aapg-rms2013.pdf.

For more information about the report or the Chainman Shale, contact Thomas C. Chidsey, Jr., at 801-537-3364 or tomchidsey@utah.org.

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San Juan Oil Field Deformation Band

San Juan Oil Field Deformation Band

Deformation bands, Aneth oil field, San Juan County, Utah
Photographer: Craig Morgan; © 2013

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