BYU researchers name Utah’s newly discovered dinosaur after Moab

PROVO, Utah — The discovery of a new dinosaur unearthed in Utah was published this week, and BYU researchers have named the 32-foot herbivore Moabosaurus Utahensis in honor of the city of Moab.


Paleontologists Unveil Dinosaur Stomping Ground in Utah

Moab’s first locals!

Hundreds of millions of years ago, long before the town of Moab existed, dinosaurs roamed eastern Utah. Tracks tell their tales. Prehistoric footprints by the hundreds are preserved in the stone surrounding this former uranium boom town, a silent record of the three major chapters, or periods, of the Age of Dinosaurs. Some of these footprints are hidden away in the backcountry, known only to experts. But others nearly run through the city, exposed along the roads leading to and through the desert community. It was in one of these more accessible places, along U.S. Route 191, that a chance discovery recently led paleontologists to one of the most spectacular dinosaur stomping grounds ever found in the state.


Dinosaur Tracksite Trail Opens in Moab

The Bureau of Land Management Moab Field Office hosted a grand opening celebration for the Mill Canyon Dinosaur Tracksite Trail.



The Utah Friends of Paleontology will rendezvous in Moab for the first time at its annual meeting next month, giving locals an opportunity to explore sites and learn from experts about the dinosaurs that once roamed the area.


Utah dinosaur tracks similar to those found embedded in Spain

Some of the most ferocious meat-eating dinosaurs that trod the earth over what is now Utah also were hunting on land that now is known as Spain, the discovery of a track in Utah suggests.


Demand for bones leaves 
prehistoric relics vulnerable to poachers

For two years, ReBecca Hunt-Foster helped sweep the layers of dirt away, revealing the prehistoric treasures preserved below. With careful determination, the paleontologists uncovered millions of years of dust and silt, exposing the cache.


Limping With Dinosaurs

Does Cinderella’s fossilized slipper fit the Allosaurus? Read more about one argument as to who made the dino tracks at Copper Ridge near Moab.

One of my favorite roadside stops is down a dirt track off Utah’s state road 191. Provided you don’t miss the turnoff around mile marker 148.7, and the soil hasn’t turned to a sucking mire by rain, the rough road will lead you through the desert scrub to a little parking lot with a Bureau of Land Management signboard at the start of a short trail. It’s not far from there. Hike up onto the tan stone and you’ll soon find yourself standing among the footsteps left more than 150 million years before.


Moab Giants museum will feature dinosaur footprints

Big things are happening in Moab. Have you heard of the Moab Giants Museum? Read more to find out about this wonderful new addition to southern Utah!

With the summer blockbuster “Jurassic World” opening in theaters, there’s plenty of opportunity to be entertained — or frightened — by dinosaurs.


Moab dinosaur tracks found vandalized

Authorities are looking for a vandal after a set of dinosaur tracks northeast of Moab, Utah was found filled with plaster.