Photo of the Day (POTD): February 20, 2019

Great Salt Lake and Antelope Island, Salt Lake County.
Photo by Adam Hiscock.

Great Salt Lake and Antelope Island, Salt Lake County.

Spiral Jetty: An artist’s giant, lonely, eerie canvas

If you ever take the long journey to visit what is arguably Utah’s most famous artwork, there are a few things it might be useful to take along for the ride:

An art historian to explain it.

A couple of city dwellers who have never seen it before.

A college student who heard about it in his humanities class.

And a camera-equipped drone to fly overhead.




The Great Salt Lake’s Spiral Jetty is a symbol of Utah’s magnificent history

SALT LAKE CITY — Nestled amid the rocky shores of the Great Salt Lake’s Rozel Point, the Spiral Jetty is more than simply artwork; it’s a testament to the seemingly infinite wonders of nature.


Lawmakers consider making Spiral Jetty official state work of art

SALT LAKE CITY — Lawmakers took note of the desolate beauty that surrounds the Spiral Jetty as they considered designating the artificial formation to be the official state work of art.


POTD January 24, 2017: Antelope Island, Salt Lake and Davis Counties

Antelope Island, Salt Lake and Davis Counties
Photographer: Andy Cvar © 2017

Evening skies are reflected in Great Salt Lake south of Antelope Island. Otherworldly scenes of wide mudflats are exposed as lake level nears record low elevation.

Google Timelapse: Great Salt Lake, UT

In anticipation of tomorrow’s breaching of the railroad causeway which dissects Great Salt Lake, below is a Google Timelapse of the lake.

Great Salt Lake’s south arm elevation is currently at about 4192.4 feet, roughly 1 foot above its historic low of 4191.35 feet. The north arm is currently at about 4189.1. Typically near the beginning of December winter weather starts a rebound in lake levels. However, with tomorrow’s breaching of the causeway the two arms will mix, raising the north arm an estimated 18 inches and lowering the south arm an estimated 1 foot. Will the south arm drop to a new historic low?

Portions of Great Salt Lake hit record-low after years of declining water levels

SALT LAKE CITY — The Great Salt Lake has hit yet another record low, according to new data.


POTD October 12, 2016: Antelope Island State Park, Davis County

Antelope Island State Park, Davis County

Photographer: Nikki Simon © 2016


Antelope Island is the largest of about a dozen islands in Great Salt Lake. Numerous
ancient lake shorelines cross the slopes of Antelope Island, recording the rise and fall of
Ice Age Lake Bonneville in late Quaternary time.

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