Reports of flash flooding, large boulder close roads in Zion National Park

The flash flooding was reported in Zion National Park and near Mount Carmel, according to the National Weather Service. Park officials reported that all of the roads in Zion National Park were closed as of 3 p.m. due to the extreme weather.


‘Flash flood chaser’ captures incredible footage after storms hit southern Utah

Flash flood chaser David Rankin is an expert at tracking storms and catching the resulting floods on camera, and after a series of thunderstorms this week he has two new videos showing Mother Nature’s awesome power at work.


Muddy floodwaters from weekend storm cause traffic havoc from California to Utah

Chaos from California to Utah—this past weekend’s storms brought areas of flood waters across the area.

New video and images showcase wild weekend weather that affected people from California to Utah.


Eight dead, five missing in Hildale flash flood

A sad event after a group of people fell victim to a powerful flash flood in southern Utah. Heavy rains in Washington County swept a road away, taking their cars along with it.

As always, please exercise the utmost caution around flash floods, and areas prone to flooding after any amount of rain fall.

Eight people had died and five remained missing Tuesday morning, the day after an SUV and a van were washed off a road during a flash flood in this polygamous Utah-Arizona border community.


Aerial drone captures impressive flash flood footage in southern Utah

FOX 13 News has featured several videos of flash floods and other weather phenomenon from David Rankin over the years, but he says his latest video represents the pay off from two years of planning and waiting. The footage was shot Saturday north of Lake Powell, near Big Water, Utah.


Silt fills reservoir’s inlets after flooding in southern Utah

Cities in southern Utah are still cleaning up the mess from a flash flood that fell in the area on Saturday. The storm brought down a lot of water, but it also brought down a lot of dirt.


State of emergency declared in Carbon County after weekend floods

We know this weekend was a soggy one for most of us here in Utah. Here’s an article talking about some of the flooding around the state after this last weekend’s heavy rains. We hope everyone is safe and sound as flood water recede.

A state of emergency was declared in Carbon County and Wellington city on Sunday, where as many as two dozen additional homes were damaged by flooding this weekend — along with many others.


National Weather Service Stresses Importance of Maintaining Weather Stations

High in the hills above the city of Alpine in Utah County is a critical piece of equipment that could save lives should a sudden flood occur.


Video: HUGE Flash Flood, Southern Utah September 11, 2013

video courtesy of David Rankin

After 4 consecutive days of heavy rain, another day of large flash floods strikes southern Utah. Inches of rain have fallen with more in the forecast for the next few days. The 2013 southwest monsoon season has been insane.


Video: Flash Flood Footage / Erosion Shots Utah Monsoon Sept 9th 2013

video courtesy of David Rankin

Shot on September 9th. We have had subsequent floods one after another in south central Utah for over 3 days now. This was some footage from flooding on the 9th. The water undercuts the banks and causes them to collapse, sometimes with very little warning. Its quite the sight in person. Enjoy!